Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Why Is My Aircon Not Blowing Cold Air?

Why Is My Aircon Not Blowing Cold Air?

Is your aircon working properly when you switch it on? Are you facing the problem of aircon not cold? Yes! Don't worry you are not alone. There are a number of people like you who are dealing with same trouble in Singapore. Singapore is a country known for its tropical climate. Having a non cooling aircon can make your life worse during the hot and sultry days. If you are thinking that there is a major fault in your air conditioner and it will take a lot of time and money to repair it, then you are somewhat wrong. So, you must know the actual reasons behind such situation.

Filter being dirty:

One of the top reasons of aircon not cold is the dirty filter. When the filter accumulates too much dirt, it will prevent your aircon from blowing cold air. A clean filter is very essential for it to function effectively and hence you need to clean it very often and replace it when required. So as a home owner, it is your duty to avail the help of an aircon service to clean your filters regularly. A clean filter is much more efficient and helps your air conditioner blow cool air to make the rooms cooler faster.

Blocked condenser:

The condenser is an essential component of the aircon. If it gets blocked, it will affect its ability to generate cold air. It might seem to be a trivial issue as you can remove the dirt or dust accumulated on the condenser easily. But the truth is you have to clean it once in a month without fail so that it works properly. If needed, you should call the professional service to clean the condenser.

Frozen condenser:

This is another reason why your aircon is not blowing cold air. When the condenser gets frozen, it stops blowing cold air. To avert this condition, it is essential that you opt for regular maintenance service. Having a non cooling aircon will affect all your activities during the day and night because it is not possible to live in Singapore for a moment without an aircon, especially during the summers.

Thus, you should never attempt to fix this issue on your own as you might damage something. There are many professionals who will fix this issue without any delay.

Leaky refrigerant:

This is one of the major problems faced by those who live in Singapore. This is because most of the Singaporeans firmly believe that changing the refrigerant for petty reasons is not advisable and hence it will affect the functioning of your aircon. Consequently, you will not get cooler air from it.

Dirty evaporator:

Some of you might be aware that evaporator is a major part of the aircon. If it gets blocked by dirt, then your air conditioner will not function properly. This must be cleaned every year and it is the best for you to opt for annual maintenance service as it will help you stay assured that your air con is in perfect condition and it will not create any problem during the dry humid days of Singapore.

Friday, 19 July 2013

How To Stay Cool Without Aircon?

How To Stay Cool Without Aircon?

How do you stay cool without an Aircon in Singapore? If you have been asking yourself this question while living in Singapore, below are the 11 best ways of staying cool without an Aircon.

1.Install attic vents.

It is amazing how you can cool your house with attic vents. They will also help you cool your house without installing an Aircon.

2.Install an entire-house fan. 
This will often push hot air into attic, where it disperses through attic vents. This enables you to cool your house in a cheaper way. The latest research shows that 60% of Singapore residents use this house-cooling alternative in their homes.

3. Send up cool air. 
If your house has a basement as well as central air system, you need to have an HVAC expert to enhance a cold air return in basement to pull cool air naturally and hence making your house cooler.

4. Take shade from porches and awnings.
It is advisable to build your house with porches to cool your house. This will give your house fresh air therefore limiting the need of house Aircon.

5. Insulate your home. Most of the homes in Singapore are insulated well in the walls as well as attic with an aim of keeping them cool. This will keep the hot air away from the house hence making the house cooler.

6. Use light-colored roofing. In any case you have a choice, select roof coating or lighter roof. This will reflect sunlight other than absorbing it.

7. Adjust the pilot light.
In any case you have gas stove with a pilot light, ensure that they are set appropriately. If you set them too high, they will definitely produce additional heat.

8. Avoid steam. In the course of the day, you can try not take hot shower, wash clothes, dishes or even cook until it gets dark since this will increase heat generation in your house. Ensure you fit tight your pot lids. Ensure the door gasket seals often on your oven, dishwasher, and washer are in a perfect shape and have no rips or breaks.

9. Turn off the heat sources. Do not use a stove or an oven to eat. You can eat cold food, or alternatively use a microwave. The incandescent light bulbs often create heat that might cause the heating up of your house. Turn off all your lamps and computer in case you are not using them. You can also turn off all your TV since they generate heat that will heat your house.

10. Cool down the house using fans.
You can position ceiling fan or an attic fan on upstairs window, which will draw off the heat, gathered in upper rooms and then push them to heat outdoors. You can also set up a portable fan to enable it suck up the cool air from floor keeping your house cool.

11. Open windows at night.
You can also open selective windows to enable cool night air to be blown to your house therefore improving the cooling process in your house. Alternatively, you can leave the interior doors open such as kitchen cabinets and closets hence cooling your house.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Why Is My Aircon Condenser Making So Much Noise?

Why Is My Aircon Condenser Making So Much Noise?

Having an aircon is a beautiful thing to have in your home. It is the most perfect thing to actually have if you would like to help yourself have a better time in Singapore. Let's face it, the weather in this country is always very awry and unexpected just like all the other countries throughout Asia. It can get pretty hot since it is sort of a tropical country that never snows, so a good aircon is good to have to help you cool off. Some people struggle, however, since their aircon condenser can tend to make an annoying noise and they usually have no clue on how to fix it.

What is an aircon condenser?

An aircon condenser is one of the main parts of an air conditioning unit. It is meant to help cool the vapors that come through the compressor. These are usually seen not just in aircons, but also in refrigerators. It usually looks like an ordinary coil. Sometimes, the condenser can be a bit noisy, causing the entire aircon to be noisy. This is a problem usually only professional aircon specialists know how to fix.

Why Is My Aircon Condenser Making So Much Noise?

There is usually just a couple or even just one reason as to why a condenser is causing the entire aircon to be fixed naturally. Fan blades are quite important in an aircon device. These can get bent in a weird fashion and end up brushing across the condenser, making a very loud and oftentimes annoying noise. Oftentimes, another reason why the overall aircon is making noise is because of a blockage in the compressor because the air cannot follow through from its main spot to outside of the aircon. You will find that aircon condensers can oftentimes be the main reason as to why your aircon is noisy, but it usually is just one of the many reasons and your aircon may have something wrong with it.

It is always best to hire a professional aircon repair company who can help diagnose the problem to see what is really wrong. All kinds of things can cause your aircon to be loud. An aircon can usually have small malfunction problems all throughout the day depending on what is going on with the aircon.

Choosing an aircon repair service

Experience plays a huge part and can decide if they are worth hiring or not. The team should also have a bright understanding on how they properly can repair your aircon even if they have very little experience on dealing with such problems. All aircons can be fixed within a short period of time if they know how to do it all.

Aircons are vital for all Singaporeans to have. If it makes loud noises, it can make you stay awake rather than put you to bed. An aircon is the best thing to consider having repaired to save you time and stress. Get a professional team to help you out regarding this problem to get it fixed.

Monday, 24 June 2013

5 Possible Reasons Why Your Aircon Is Dripping Even After Servicing

5 Possible Reasons Why Your Aircon Is Dripping Even After Servicing

Normally aircon dripping after servicing is taken as carelessness of the servicing professional as it can never perform efficiently until it leakage is fixed. Main reasons of aircon dripping can be either breakage of some component or damage in its pipeline. In time repairing of aircon leaking can save you lots of money and fatigue in future.

Some of the reasons of aircon dripping after servicing

Leakage in condensation unit: Leakage in condensation unit can be one of the most possible reasons of aircon dripping even after servicing during summer season due to its continuous use. Most of the times excessive condensation produced by evaporator coil can cause leakage in condensation unit. Before supplying dry and cold air into the room the evaporator coil dehumidifies the room by sucking and removing condensation in the room. Most of the condensation removed through the coil is drained out through drain outlet but if the drain line does not discharge the condensation effectively and quickly then sometimes it leaks through the aircon.

Clogging of drain pipe:
Aircon leaking can also be caused even after servicing by clogging of drain pipe of your aircon with dust and dirt. The discharge of condensation is done normally through its drainage system but any how if the drainage system of your aircon gets clogged due to dust or debris then eventually the water of condensation will star leaking through your aircon. If you can not clear the clogging yourself then you can call the repair specialist to clear out the problem.

Damaged insulation:
Insulation installed on the back of aircon while installing it to the wall may get damaged with the passage of time. Until it damages it soaks the condensation of the room developed on the copper pipe of the aircon but after getting damaged it no longer absorbs the water of condensation which drips out of your aircon as aircon leaking.

Obstructed air flow:
The clogging in air filter of your aircon can cause arcon dripping after servicing. Dust and debris from air can clog the filter of your aircon even after its servicing causing icing in evaporator coil causing spilling of water out of your aircon though the edge of condensation pan. Though it is recommended to clean the air filter of your aircon twice a year but you can also call servicing specialist even before if it obstructs the air flow few days after servicing as it may need to be replaced with a new one f the dust level is higher in your region.

Pinhole leakage in copper tubing:
Pinhole leak in the pipeline caused by natural forming in due to formic acid in the home that eats away its tubing can also cause aircon dripping even after its servicing. Formic acid in the form of formaldehyde is found in various home building products can damage the copper tubing used in the aircon which may cause pinholes in the tubing causing leakage of water in it. It must be repaired as soon as possible to save major expenditure in future.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

How To Protect Yourself From The Unhealthy Haze Situation?

How To Protect Yourself From The Unhealthy Haze Situation?

The haze which normally happens during the months of May to October consists of dust, smoke, vapor and moisture that are suspended in the air. Unhealthy haze level Singapore can impair visibility. Studies show that the haze that lingers in the air is normally as a result of the forest fires that occur during the dry months. These fires are mostly caused by clearing of land and slash and burn practices used for agricultural projects in Indonesia. This is made worse by other climatic phenomenon such as EL-Nino, traffic fumes, factory smoke and open burning.

PSI value
To protect yourself from this, you need to check put the unhealthy haze level Singapore measured by PSI (Pollutants Standards Index) which indicate the quality of the air at any given time. This will help to determine the precautions that you are supposed to take and whether you need to avoid the outdoors. For instance if the level is less than 50 you do not need to take any precautions as this is generally good. The levels become unhealthy once they hit the one hundred mark where individuals are supposed to reduce any vigorous outdoor activities. The elderly and individuals with existing respiratory and heart diseases should limit outdoor activities and reduce physical exertion. When the level is more than 300 it becomes hazardous and you are advised to avoid any outdoor activities that are not important.

Some of the precautions that you can take to protect against unhealthy haze level Singapore include:

Drinking a lot of water this is important because it helps to flush out the toxins that have been inhaled in the body. It is also advisable to limit drinks such as alcohol and coffee because they encourage fluid loss which leaches nutrients from an individual's body. Drinking water also helps to thin mucus which the body normally produces in reaction to flu, colds and coughs that are can be caused by unhealthy haze level Singapore. This helps to make it easier to remove from the body.

Intake of healthy foods Experts recommend that you load up on fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables because they do not exert too much pressure on the human digestive system. The super foods help to strengthen the body's immunity by boosting cellular activity so as to counter the effects of the harmful toxins. Avoid foods such as red meat, white paste peanuts, sugars and refined white flours. You should also increase intake of Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin E and C preferably from food instead of pills. These include foods like sardines, mackerel, almonds, walnuts, nuts, olive oil, carrots, apples and avocado.

Unhealthy haze level in Singapore can also lead to eye irritation where you are supposed to seek medical advice on the right type of drops or any other medicine that will help to relieve the condition. It is also recommended that you avoid putting on contact lenses until the eyes have healed completely. Avoid smokers and smoking as much as possible and if you can try and stay indoors as it is safer.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Where Can I Find Aircon Installation Service in Singapore?

Where Can I Find Aircon Installation Service in Singapore?

Several companies are offering aircon installation services in Singapore. It can be very difficult to find out the most reliable and affordable provider from a bunch of those offering similar services. However, there are some methods that can help you find the most reliable contractor quickly. Here, you will discover those methods and some tips from the experts that will help you shortlist and identify the best contractors to install the aircon at your home or office.

Where you can find the most reliable aircon installation contractor in Singapore: a guide

You can easily find out everything about a company if you know where to search and how to assess them. Internet is one of the most useful resource for finding a service provider today. The methods discussed here will help you learn where you can markup the worthy companies and sort them in your customized shortlist.

#1 Search Google locals

Today, all the major search engines have focused on local listings for these services you might need in your day to day life. Google offers local websites based on your geo-location, other search engines like Yahoo and Bing also have similar feature. First, you have to access the search engine online and use the keyword to get a list of companies offering services in your area. The list will also show you some reviews from the customers about the companies and their websites. At this stage, you will need to shortlist the companies for further review.

#2 Have you heard of any of these already

Now, you have a list of contractors in your hand. This time, you have to have a look at each of these companies and the contractors in details. If you have already heard of a company among these, consider contacting them first. You can also exclude companies if they have bad reputation this way! During this, you will also be able to shorten the list and make your search more precise.

#3 Contact the sales representatives

By this time, you should only have a couple of companies in your list. Now, it's time to contact their sales representatives one by one. Talk to them about your requirements, locations and budget precisely. The reliable contractors will offer you specific quotations to help you. They will consider your urgency, budget and other factors carefully. With their response, you will be able to select someone suitable for the service.

Some tips from homeowners who have recently hired an aircon installation contractor successfully

1. Don't just select a contractor looking at the fancy website.
Ask for a special quote before hiring a contractor. Make sure, they are concerned about your costly machines and know well about the brand and model that they'll be working with.

2. Discover the service areas and experiences of the contractor carefully.
Try to hire a company that has proven track records and experiences in this field. If you're hiring a new contractor in the trade, be very careful about the contract.

3. Ask your neighbors!
In most cases, your neighbors will help you with some suggestions. You can also check your list back and ask for a quote from them first. It's very important that you verify everything about the service, quality and reputation of a aircon service provider before hiring.

It might look difficult to figure out the selection phase and find out a reliable aircon contractor, but this way, you will get a long-term provider that will help you resolve any issue with these essential household machines. Follow the methods and tips discussed above and see how you can select the best provider in easy, simple yet effective steps.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

How Often Should We Recharge Our Aircon Gas?

How Often Should We Recharge Our Aircon Gas?

An air conditioning system at your residence or business establishment never requires recharging not unless there is a leak. Whenever there is a leakage, then it will be necessary for your air-conditioning system to be recharged with gas. This can be carried out by the aircon servicing specialists in Singapore. After recharging the unit with the gas, verification should be done to ensure that there is no more leakages. For this reason, homeowners feel it is a laborious process and will often prefer to have the recharge process conducted every year by experts.

Certain units may have leaks that may not be easy to identify. This applies in instances where there are plenty of fittings, tiny bends in coils as well as in situations where the tubing is hundreds of feet long. For the case where the tubing is too long, technicians in Singapore trace the leakages using accurate tools that will guide them to the exact point where there is a leakage. However, there are also other technicians who may not have access to the right tools and will mostly rely on the bubbles produced when soap is applied for the identification of leaks. Once the leakage has been identified, the AC unit can be recharged with gas.

Before the air-conditioning unit is recharged with gas, it is a good idea to contact the manufacturer of your unit to recommend a competent firm in Singapore. In instances where the AC unit is not functioning properly, it may require more refrigerant to be added. Since you are not mechanically inclined to do the aircon servicing, you should understand that there are lots of regulations that guide the process of recharging a unit with refrigerant gas. The technicians in Singapore are highly knowledgeable on the products that should be used for recharging your system. Furthermore, majority of the suppliers of the air-conditioning recharge gas will only have it sold to licensed repair experts in the region. You should consequently contact only the licensed companies in Singapore to add aircon recharge gas.

Technicians in Singapore recommend that tune-ups of AC systems be done annually. A normal air-conditioning maintenance routine will include inspection of both the interior and the exterior of your AC system. The professionals will recharge your unit with refrigerant gas with the right one for your system. Homeowners who have the older units will often have units that use Freon. On the other hand, the more modern units use Puron as a refrigerant. The technicians in Singapore do not advice homeowners to use the products interchangeably. It is better to consult a licensed firm to handle issues that are related to recharging gas into your unit.

Ensure your AC system undergoes servicing and maintenance every year as this will enable it run according to the standards set by the manufacturers. This additionally affects its energy efficiency positively and the system will last a longer time. However, should a leakage be present, it will be necessary for it to be filled with aircon recharge gas which the firms in Singapore can easily do. Also, remember that an efficient system will be eco-friendly by conserving the energy resources.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

What Are The Benefits Of Air Conditioning?


What Are The Benefits Of Air Conditioning?

Singapore is known for its sweltering weather. That is why a cool atmosphere in your workplace as well as the home is compulsory. Nowadays, air conditioners are quite common in all the offices, homes and shopping malls in Singapore. Have you recently relocated to Singapore? Are you planning to buy an air conditioning system for your home? Yes! Then you must know about the various benefits that such a system offers.

Advantageous for your health:

Excess heat is bad for your body. Due to excessive heat you will sweat profusely, feel tired, and sticky. But, an air conditioner will enable you to stay fresh and active and you can concentrate on your activity without being exhausted. It is imperative to have this machine when temperature in Singapore rises over 100 degrees in the summer.

Gives Clean and fresh air:

Owing to the pollution around you, the air inside your home would also be polluted and would contain particles, like dust, pollen, dander or dirt. There is no need to tell that the polluted air would affect the lungs and cause serious health problems, like breathing problems, asthma and infections. The air filters in the air conditioning system would make sure that the germs and impurities present in the air are filtered well. Therefore, you and your family will get only the fresh and clean air. This clean air is not only suitable to your health, but also advantageous for your kids as well as pets.

Increases productivity:

Concentrating on work in a hot sultry day in Singapore is a big punishment. It would hinder your performance and productivity in a massive way, especially if you are a home based worker. When you install an air conditioner at home, you will feel fresh, relaxed and energetic and you can concentrate more on your work and achieve results faster. That is why the air conditioning system has become a permanent part of all office buildings.

Maintains the condition of your computer:

The cool air of the air conditioner eliminates the warmth from your abode. The computer present in the house also becomes cool easily. Thus, the dual effect of its inbuilt cooling system and the air conditioner make it last for a long time.

Control depression to a large extent:

Studies have revealed that there is a connection between depression and the Seasonal Affective Disorder that occurs mainly during hot climate. Extreme heat can lead to boredom, which in turn can lead to depression. In Singapore because of this hot and humid climate throughout the year, this risk is very high. So, it is essential to have an air conditioner at home to eliminate dullness and to keep you fresh and free from depression.

Offers a complete sleep:

Sleep hours are important for an individual to stay fresh and healthy. Without an air conditioner, you will have to wake in the middle of the night with dripping sweat. On the other hand, the air conditioning system will help you have a good night's sleep. As a result, you will feel completely energized the next morning.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Why Regular Aircon Servicing Is Important?

Why Regular Aircon Servicing Is Important?

If you own an air conditioner, then you understand how important the system is during the hot season. Nonetheless, many people do not actually give their air conditioners the attention they deserve, which often results in a number of problems. It is important to ensure that your air conditioner is regularly serviced as this helps to improve its efficiency.

Air conditioning service companies will usually examine the gears to ensure that they are well-maintained. In addition, a calibration checkup is often done to ensure that the thermostat is functioning properly and that the unit is cooling the space according to your preferred settings. The best way to ensure your air conditioner operates effectively is to service it regularly. Having your air conditioner serviced regularly will keep you and your family comfortable during those hotter times.

Another benefit of air conditioner servicing is reducing cooling costs. When an air conditioner operates properly, it uses little energy and this can end up saving a considerable amount of money in the long run. The cash saved will easily outweigh the aircon servicing fees and hence, it is extremely important to do it regularly. In addition, servicing helps to save money since it helps to enhance the longevity of your unit, meaning that you do not need to replace it from time to time. Not to mention the fact that it reduces other costly repair or maintenance costs!

Regular aircon servicing will also provide owners with additional safety advantages. It prevents a number of risky situations from happening. It minimizes the amount of disease-causing microorganisms in the room. Most air conditioning servicing providers will also evaluate the amount of toxic gases in the air. If they find any toxic gases (including carbon monoxide), the experts will prevent them fast, making your business or home a much better place to stay.

Bear in mind that your ultimate objective should be to ensure your air conditioner is serviced in the best way possible. Make sure that your unit is oiled regularly as well. Avoid stacking objects on the unit and get rid of any probable dangers as much as possible. This will ensure you have a reliable air conditioner, which will be helpful during the hot periods, as you require this unit to keep you and your family members cool and comfortable during high temperatures.

If you own an air conditioning unit, you need to appreciate the fact that you have to service the system on a regular basis. This is important if you seriously want to save money on those soaring monthly electricity bills during these harsh financial times. Air conditioning services will also help to keep your unit properly maintained for effective operation. Regular tests on our units are recommended to ensure we do not suffer problems when trying to operate it.

For that reason, finding the best air conditioning company is highly recommended. All you need to do is to search for the best air conditioning service provider in your area of residence in order to get the best deal possible.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Benefits Of The Air Conditioner Chemical Overhaul

Benefits Of The Air Conditioner Chemical Overhaul

Nowadays, there are many people using air conditioner in order to provide comfort these days. It is important for you to maintain the condition of your air conditioning system to make sure that your unit can work properly. There is one maintaining process that is called as the chemical overhaul. It is usually done by cleaning all parts of the air conditioner by using chemical solution. In this article, you will learn some benefits of doing the air conditioner chemical overhaul.

1. Check all parts inside the air conditioner

This chemical overhaul is usually needed to find any problems in the air conditioning system. A good air conditioner needs several parts to work together. It is difficult to find a problem in the system without doing any overhaul on the system. That is the reason why people need this treatment in order to separate all parts and find the problems that may occur in the air conditioner system. By doing this method, you can find all problems in your air conditioning system and fix them effectively.

2. Prevent any corrosion

Many people do the chemical overhaul on their air conditioner in order to reduce damage from the corrosion. In this method, people usually wash the fan coil by using chemical solution. This method is very effective to prevent any corrosion on the fan coil. You should understand that the fan coil is one of the most expensive parts in the air conditioner system. By preventing any corrosion on the fan coil, you are able to prevent any future problems in your air conditioning system.

3. Make everything look new

This method allows you to inspect and wash all parts inside your air conditioner system. It means that you are able to remove any dust or dirt that may build up in your device. If all dirts and dusts are not cleaned perfectly, the air conditioning unit may not work effectively to cool your room. Doing a chemical overhaul is very important to keep your unit well maintained.

4. Check the refrigerant

A good chemical overhaul process usually also checks the refrigerant in your air conditioning system. This is very important to make sure that there is enough refrigerant in your unit. Some people may have problems with their air conditioners because they do not have refrigerant to keep their room cool. An effective air conditioner chemical overhaul is able to maintain the function of your air conditioner.

5. Prevent damage on your unit

This treatment is also good to prevent any problems on your air conditioning system. Some people claim that they are able to prevent water leaking and foul smell by doing the chemical overhaul. This process is very effective to clean all drainage system inside your air conditioner. In most cases, the water leaking and foul smell are usually caused by the broken or clogged drainage system. In this method, you are able to use chemical solution to clean the drainage system in your unit.

Those are some benefits of doing the air conditioner chemical overhaul process. It is important to do the overhaul process at least once a month. Frequent cleaning service is needed to make sure that your air conditioner can work properly.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Simple Air Conditioner Repair Tips

Simple Air Conditioner Repair Tips

Air conditioner repair is a very important service for home improvement. This is due to the world's advancement today as people strive to make life easier and more comfortable. With this, individuals and companies have come up with the best tips on air conditioner repair as they look to make homes and residential areas better. This repair is very essential as it helps to ease the cost of buying new air conditioners thus helping in reducing the cost of living. The repair services are also offered at fair prices thus making affordable by most people all over the world.

The air conditioner repair is carried out when one realizes that the AC is not functioning effectively. The problem should be fixed immediately by repairing or through the replacement of fans or filters if need be. When the repairs are done immediately the cost is quite low. When this is delayed it may cause greater harm which may increase the cost of repair or causing great damages which may be beyond repair.It is therefore advisable to fix the problem immediately when it occurs.

There are a number of ways that can help to detect whether the air conditioner is alright in order to receive quality air and in a long time duration. One can check the ambient temperature and determine whether it is functioning properly or whether it requires some adjustments. One can also check the thermostat settings in order to make appropriate changes and perform necessary repairs if the need be.

The air flow that registers should also be checked so that one can know whether the registration is normal and whether it is beyond or below the norm and perform the necessary repairs if necessary. It is also recommended to repair the filters and clean them also to ensure the air flows efficiently in a good way. Check ups should be carried out properly and frequently on the circuit breaker to determine if any reset is required.

Air conditioner repairs are cheap and easily done when the problem is recognized early enough. It is therefore necessary to keep on checking the working of the air conditioner to ensure that one receive good and quality services. One should always check the condenser unit whether or not is blowing warm air out. When there is a problem, one should call a heater or A/C contractor immediately to repair. It is also very essential to check an attic exhaust fan in order to prevent heat from entering the house.

Good air conditioner maintenance is very essential as it helps to keep indoor quality air which helps one to feel comfortable. Regardless of the type of weather, a well repaired and maintained air conditioner helps in maintaining quality air which helps in reducing chances of sickness such as asthma. To ensure excellent provision of services, it is very advisable to contact professional technicians to carry out the repair in order to increase the durability of the air conditioners and prevent frequent break downs.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

How many times should I do air conditioner chemical cleaning?

Air Conditioner Servicing

How many times should I do air conditioner chemical cleaning?

Air conditioners can be used in offices, domestic premises, factories, food processing centers, computer rooms, restaurants and shops. These systems work in an immensely technical way. They eliminate heat from inside a room and take it outside. Within a centralized air conditioning system usually exists a ductwork system which draws air.

There also exists an evaporator coil within the ductwork system which is connected to the condenser. A refrigerant carries cool air from outside into the evaporator thus moderating the temperatures within a room. This is ideally the role of an air conditioning within a home, office premises; school or whatever place it is installed. It has the role of lowering both the humidity and temperatures within a premise. It works on the concept that cooler air cannot be able to hold much moisture, and therefore as the air becomes more cool the moisture within it reduces and it eventually gets drained away through the evaporator.

How many times should I do air conditioner chemical cleaning?
That is the major question at stake. Does it depend on the frequency of usage or should it be a general routine process? At the point of purchase most sellers usually recommend to their consumers how many times they ought to carry out servicing of their air conditioners.

What does servicing entail and what is it value? The basic concept of servicing entails chemical cleaning. Other parts of the service include a check to identify any potential or existing problems, thorough cleaning of the system and adjustment for peak efficiency. There are a vast number of benefits associated with the process of servicing an air conditioner.

A serviced air conditioner is dependable, has a long life span, protects the environment from pollution, can be operated safely and in a healthy manner. It also ensures that the equipment is efficient, thus lowers energy cost. Regular servicing also ensures that potential problems get curbed before they advance and reduces the chances of equipment break down. In general it all goes a long way in saving costs for the user.

I feel that I should carry out air conditioner chemical cleaning once every nine months, but this timing will highly depend on the frequency of usage. The heating system should be checked and the equipment fired by oil should also be cleaned thoroughly. Chemical cleaning entails a very thorough process which involves a chemical wash of the whole system. It is usually conducted when general cleaning does not yield the expected results. It is also necessary if the system has not been cleaned a long time.

Chemical cleaning is necessary for an air conditioner because it ensures that water leak problems are eliminated, it saves on costs of maintenance, prolongs the life of the air conditioner and enhances cooling efficiency thus saving on electrical costs. Whatever direction an individual decides to take with their air conditioning servicing depends on them, but one thing for sure is that chemical cleaning is necessary once each year!