Friday, 19 July 2013

How To Stay Cool Without Aircon?

How To Stay Cool Without Aircon?

How do you stay cool without an Aircon in Singapore? If you have been asking yourself this question while living in Singapore, below are the 11 best ways of staying cool without an Aircon.

1.Install attic vents.

It is amazing how you can cool your house with attic vents. They will also help you cool your house without installing an Aircon.

2.Install an entire-house fan. 
This will often push hot air into attic, where it disperses through attic vents. This enables you to cool your house in a cheaper way. The latest research shows that 60% of Singapore residents use this house-cooling alternative in their homes.

3. Send up cool air. 
If your house has a basement as well as central air system, you need to have an HVAC expert to enhance a cold air return in basement to pull cool air naturally and hence making your house cooler.

4. Take shade from porches and awnings.
It is advisable to build your house with porches to cool your house. This will give your house fresh air therefore limiting the need of house Aircon.

5. Insulate your home. Most of the homes in Singapore are insulated well in the walls as well as attic with an aim of keeping them cool. This will keep the hot air away from the house hence making the house cooler.

6. Use light-colored roofing. In any case you have a choice, select roof coating or lighter roof. This will reflect sunlight other than absorbing it.

7. Adjust the pilot light.
In any case you have gas stove with a pilot light, ensure that they are set appropriately. If you set them too high, they will definitely produce additional heat.

8. Avoid steam. In the course of the day, you can try not take hot shower, wash clothes, dishes or even cook until it gets dark since this will increase heat generation in your house. Ensure you fit tight your pot lids. Ensure the door gasket seals often on your oven, dishwasher, and washer are in a perfect shape and have no rips or breaks.

9. Turn off the heat sources. Do not use a stove or an oven to eat. You can eat cold food, or alternatively use a microwave. The incandescent light bulbs often create heat that might cause the heating up of your house. Turn off all your lamps and computer in case you are not using them. You can also turn off all your TV since they generate heat that will heat your house.

10. Cool down the house using fans.
You can position ceiling fan or an attic fan on upstairs window, which will draw off the heat, gathered in upper rooms and then push them to heat outdoors. You can also set up a portable fan to enable it suck up the cool air from floor keeping your house cool.

11. Open windows at night.
You can also open selective windows to enable cool night air to be blown to your house therefore improving the cooling process in your house. Alternatively, you can leave the interior doors open such as kitchen cabinets and closets hence cooling your house.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Why Is My Aircon Condenser Making So Much Noise?

Why Is My Aircon Condenser Making So Much Noise?

Having an aircon is a beautiful thing to have in your home. It is the most perfect thing to actually have if you would like to help yourself have a better time in Singapore. Let's face it, the weather in this country is always very awry and unexpected just like all the other countries throughout Asia. It can get pretty hot since it is sort of a tropical country that never snows, so a good aircon is good to have to help you cool off. Some people struggle, however, since their aircon condenser can tend to make an annoying noise and they usually have no clue on how to fix it.

What is an aircon condenser?

An aircon condenser is one of the main parts of an air conditioning unit. It is meant to help cool the vapors that come through the compressor. These are usually seen not just in aircons, but also in refrigerators. It usually looks like an ordinary coil. Sometimes, the condenser can be a bit noisy, causing the entire aircon to be noisy. This is a problem usually only professional aircon specialists know how to fix.

Why Is My Aircon Condenser Making So Much Noise?

There is usually just a couple or even just one reason as to why a condenser is causing the entire aircon to be fixed naturally. Fan blades are quite important in an aircon device. These can get bent in a weird fashion and end up brushing across the condenser, making a very loud and oftentimes annoying noise. Oftentimes, another reason why the overall aircon is making noise is because of a blockage in the compressor because the air cannot follow through from its main spot to outside of the aircon. You will find that aircon condensers can oftentimes be the main reason as to why your aircon is noisy, but it usually is just one of the many reasons and your aircon may have something wrong with it.

It is always best to hire a professional aircon repair company who can help diagnose the problem to see what is really wrong. All kinds of things can cause your aircon to be loud. An aircon can usually have small malfunction problems all throughout the day depending on what is going on with the aircon.

Choosing an aircon repair service

Experience plays a huge part and can decide if they are worth hiring or not. The team should also have a bright understanding on how they properly can repair your aircon even if they have very little experience on dealing with such problems. All aircons can be fixed within a short period of time if they know how to do it all.

Aircons are vital for all Singaporeans to have. If it makes loud noises, it can make you stay awake rather than put you to bed. An aircon is the best thing to consider having repaired to save you time and stress. Get a professional team to help you out regarding this problem to get it fixed.