Friday, 5 December 2014

Why Is My Aircon Sometime Cold But Sometime Warm?

Aircons have become quite an inseparable part of our daily lives especially during the summers. It’s not only important to make out lives more comfortable but often they’re quite necessary to maintain a “properly controlled room-temperature” for simple units like a high functioning PC. Problem is, like most aircon users, we realize that sometimes our friendly unit is blowing warm air instead of cold. If this is your first time encountering this problem then fear not, it’s probably something you can fix yourself. Let’s take a look why your AC sometimes blow cold air and sometimes not.
Common Reasons for Aircons to Blow Warm Air
Listed below are some of the most common problems that make your AC blow warm air.
1. Check the thermostat setting: Impossible as it may seem, the most common reason for “aircon blowing warm air” is because the thermostat setting is dialled in the HOT instead of the COOL setting. If you encounter the hot-air problem but sure that you didn’t put the setting in HOT check nonetheless. Some other member of the family or small animal could’ve switched it. In addition, if the unit is in ON mode instead of AUTO it would blow out air even if it’s not cool.
2. Checking the condenser and compressor: Once you make sure that your thermostat is at proper setting, check the condenser and the compressor. They are both located in the outside unit. Make sure that this unit is receiving power otherwise the system would function from the inside handler, which means it won’t be able to supply cool air. Next, check the condenser coil. Sometimes they get clogged by dirt or accumulated debris. This could have a serious impact on you aircon so make sure they are always clean. In fact, cleaning condenser coils during the hot seasons is almost mandatory. While you’re at it, check also the electric panel from which your unit is being powered.
3. Clogged air filters: An air filter does not necessarily “cause” hot-air-blowout. However, they do compromise the cooling capacity of the system. Dirt emanated from the filters can even clog the coils mentioned in the previous paragraph. Just because it’s an indirect agent, do not take it lightly. It’s one of the leading causes and can also lead to serious cold or allergic trigger among its users. A new and cheap air filter is easy to find and you can replace them yourself. There’s no need for professional supports.
4. Semi-compromised outside unit: This doesn’t necessarily mean your outside unit’s been damaged. Sometimes this part doesn’t have enough breathing space to supply adequate air into the system. Make sure that it’s not covered in dirt or grass or smothered by any tree branch. Keep the area around it clean otherwise your aircon’s longevity will be compromised.
5. Refrigerant problems: Problems in the compressor or leaks are the reasons for refrigerant malfunctions. The most prominent problem in this regard is that your AC is running low on refrigerant. It is possible that your system was undercharged during its production. If that’s the case then simply charge it to its proper standard. However, if the inappropriate level is due to leakage then simple refilling wouldn’t do. You’ll need an expert for this job. A professional would seal the leak, test it and then refill it with proper amount of refrigerant. The “proper amount” here is actually the amount specified by the manufacturer. Overcharging or undercharging the system would only make it inefficient so keep an eye out for this. Sealing leaks doesn’t cost much but of course you have to consider the expert’s help.
Does Your Aircon have A Water-Sensor Switch?
Not all ACs have this switch. When an overflow pan catches some spilled water due to a clogged condensate drain, these switches automatically shift to off mode. Most of the time this results in turning off the system but sometimes they target specific areas so that condensation would stop working.
Do It Right At the Beginning
Although you cannot completely avoid all kinds of functional problems, it is always better to buy a government certified aircon even if they cost a bit higher than your expectations. You can find cheap uncertified ACs in the market but be wise and avoid choosing them. Even though they may seem a good bargain now, you may easily end-up spending a lot more after it in the future.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

When Do We Need To Topup Aircon Gas?

In Singapore, air conditioners are very common appliances that the locals use to cool their houses during summer and warm their houses during winter. In fact, air conditioning units are so common in Singapore that comprehending a life without them cannot be imagined. An adequate supply of air con gas is required on a timely basis is required by these units in order to be able to serve household residents in Singapore properly. Moreover, maintenance and servicing are also important aspects to ensure that these gadgets perform and remain at top levels. Unfortunately, most Singaporeans do not know when and why they should stop up air con gas.

The reason to top up air con gas is actually very simple. The tubing system of an air conditioner can get damaged, as a result of which the refrigerant can leak. The leaking might continue unnoticed for years, but it may also be noticed in a short period of time. However, the fact of the matter is that nearly all air conditioners tend to leak, and so, an air con gas like Freon has to be topped up constantly. At times, an expert might be required in order to find the precise point that is leaking.


Fortunately, it is not so difficult or tricky to figure when you may need to topup aircon gas.

1. Air conditioner’s cooling performance has declined
The cooling performance of an air conditioner is the amount of time that is taken by an air conditioning unit in order to cool a room. When an air conditioner is working properly, only a short amount of time is required by it to cool a room. Another thing that many local Singaporeans realize that that amount of time that is currently taken by an air conditioner in order to cool a room is that the same as the amount of time it used to take when it back brand new. Thus, you may need to top up air con gas if this decline in cooling performance continues to persist. The best thing that can be done is to contact an air conditioner servicing company and get high quality Freon gas refilled into the air conditioning unit.

2. Air conditioner keeps on running nearly constantly

Typically, air conditioning units only keep running for a short period of time after which it is turned off once the desired temperature has been reached. However, if an air conditioner keeps running without turning off and manual intervention is required to make it turn off, then it means that servicing is required. This problem is caused by one of two things. Either a decline in the cooling capacity of the air conditioner or malfunctioning of its temperature sensor can result in this problem. However, no matter why the problem has occurred, you will still need to top up air con gas.

3. Air conditioner makes an unusual noise

Air conditioning units do not product a lot of noise if their new or are properly serviced. However, the continuous use of air conditioners can cause parts to become worn out and get loose, as a result of which noise is produced. When the noise becomes excessive, it means that servicing is required. Again, high quality Freon gas will be replenished in your air conditioner as a part of proper servicing.

4. Air conditioner frequently turns on and off

When air conditioners are brand new and are functioning properly, their thermostats turn them on and off after a certain interval of time. However, there is usually something wrong when an air conditioning unit keeps turning on and off frequently. Air conditioners are supposed to remain turned on for a certain period of time, and should also remain turned off for a certain of time before they are turned on again. So, frequently turning on and off is a sign that servicing is required. Only a trusted air conditioner servicing company will be able to tell what is wrong with the unit and will probably top up air con gas too.


As mentioned, air con gas is necessary for an air conditioning unit to function properly. An air conditioner can experience problems you do not top up Freon gas in due time. The above signs could indicate that the gas in your air conditioner needs to be topped up. However, you also learn how to check air conditioner gas so that may get it refilled in a time manner.

Monday, 4 August 2014

How To Check If My Aircon Pipe Has Leakage?

If you want to maintain the quality of your air con unit, you should take a look at this unit regularly. Regular check up can help you prevent some problems that may occur in this unit. There are some common problems that you may have in your air con, for example pipe leakage. It is one of the most common problems that you can find in your air conditioner. It is recommended that you take a look at some useful tips on how you can check if the air con pipe is leaking. There are some conditions that you can observe easily.

1. Water drips
This is the most obvious situation that you can see from your air conditioner. When you see some water drips on your air con, you should understand that you may have some pipe leakages on the device. In some cases, you are able to hear the water dripping sound very clearly. The water usually comes from the leaked pipe that is not treated properly. It is important that you solve the water dripping problem immediately, so you can maintain the quality of your air conditioner effectively. It is recommended that you check the piping system before you have more severe water dripping problems. 

2. Hot air
Your air conditioner can function well when it has intact pipe. When the pipe is leaking, it can lose its function significantly. As the result, your air con cannot produce cool air easily. This is another condition that you can feel immediately. When you feel hot air coming from your air conditioner, you should understand that you may have some leaking pipe problems. Some leaked pipes can lead you to lose the coolant solution very quickly. This is another reason why you may feel hot air from your air conditioner when you have some leaked pipes in your unit. 

3. Low on freon
Some air conditioners allow you to check the freon levels in their units. You should be able to check these freon levels easily by reading the display. It is recommended that you fill out the freon regularly, so you can maintain the quality of your air conditioner effectively. However, your air conditioner may lose its function when it loses the freon very quickly. This freon can go out through the leaked pipes. It you have this situation, you should understand that you may have pipe leakage problems. Treating this problem can help you avoid losing freon from your air conditioner. 

4. Ice on pipe
This is another easy way that you can follow, so you can check the pipe leakage easily. When you notice some ice build ups on your air conditioner pipe, you should notice some leakages on the pipe. This ice can be formed from the water leaked from the pipe. The water is going to be frozen immediately because it touches the extreme cold temperature. The ice can reduce the function of your air conditioner. It is recommended that you remove these ice build ups from the pipe completely. Removing ice from your air conditioner pipe can help you improve the function of your air con significantly. 

5. Dark residue spots
Some experts recommend you to check these dark residue spots. In most cases, leaking pipe can leave dark residue spots on your air conditioner. When you see some of these spots, you should take a look at your unit carefully. Leaking pipe can produce some dirty water to the environment. This dirty water can leave dark residue spots around your air con unit. These spots may also come from the greasy materials from your leaked pipes. It is very visible for most users and technicians. You should be able to notice these dark spots very quickly. 

They are some common situations that you should take a look carefully. Some of those situations can indicate the pipe leakage problems in your air conditioner. It is a good idea for you to hire a professional technician. You can find some reliable air con service companies in Singapore. Some of them have a lot of experience in dealing with leakage problems in your air conditioner. They can help you fix any problems that may occur in your air conditioner easily. Contact the best air con service company to find out the best service for fixing your air conditioner.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

7 Reasons Why Your Aircon Is Colder After Chemical Wash

Singapore can be very hot and humid, a condition which makes air conditioners very handy. This equipment is used to remove hot air and circulate cool air around the spaces they are in, be they homes or offices. The last thing you want therefore is to have your air conditioner to break down and leave you struggling to cope with the heat. Life can become quite difficult after that, because the heat and humidity is sometimes unbearable.

Chemical Washes
The debris and dirt as well as bacteria that collects within the components of your air con over time, can give you a multitude of problems. Once there is an accumulation of these things, your air conditioner components start malfunctioning.

Regular maintenance is therefore something that you should consider to enhance the quality of service that your air conditioner gives you. One of the best ways to ensure that your equipment works for a long time without problems is by doing a chemical wash.

The wash entails the use of special chemicals to remove bacteria, debris, and dirt that has accumulated in and around the components of your air conditioner over time. Once a professional does the wash, you will be amazed to notice that your air conditioner is much colder that it was before you had the maintenance work done. There are several reasons for this observation.

Why Your Air Con Is Colder After Chemical Wash

· Each part of the air conditioner is meant to function in relation to the other parts. When there is an accumulation of debris and bacteria, it means that these components are not as compatible as they were. There may be too much friction or too little, which means that in the end, the air conditioner will function poorly. Once a chemical wash is done, all these parts are able to work as they were meant to, together. That is why your equipment will become colder, because it can circulate the cool air properly once more.

· The condenser is one of the most important components within your air con unit. Without it, the act of cooling your space ceases to take place. This component however, can suffer from a huge accumulation of debris and bacteria. This will in turn affects the cooling mechanism of the condenser meaning that it will cease to cool your air, as it should. After a thorough wash with chemicals however, all the accumulated bacteria and debris will be removed. The condenser will then start cooling your air very efficiently, which is why your air conditioner will feel colder.

· The motor of the fan within the air condition should function without problems, if it is to help circulate cool air within your space. When dirt and debris accumulates within the fan motor unchecked, the cool air that you want so desperately cannot be released properly. That is why you will end up feeling hot even when the aircon is on. By having your fan motor washed with chemicals though, you remove the clogging within the motor, which in turn enables it to release cool air. That is why your air conditioning unit will feel colder after a chemical wash.

· The filter is another component of your air conditioner that benefits from chemical washes on a regular basis. Accumulation of debris and bacteria causes the condenser coils to freeze. This prevents heat from being released outside. Therefore, when a wash is done, the filters function as they should, release the hot air, and causes the air conditioning unit to be colder than it was.

· During chemical cleaning the drainage, system of your aircon is cleaned and checked. This ensures that any water leakages, which cause the air conditioning unit to cool your space inefficiently is rectified. After that, you will notice that your unit is colder than it was, since no water is leaking and cooling is done very efficiently.

· The blower wheel also enhances the cooling process, accumulation of dirt and debris interferes with the way it moves. A chemical wash therefore enhances its cooling abilities and makes the whole unit colder.

· During chemical washes, the thermostat, which controls the cooling, and heating, and the pipes and coils as well as the refrigerant are checked. If they have accumulated debris and dirt or are not functioning at normal levels, then they are cleaned, topped up, and fixed. Thorough chemical washed therefore end up causing the whole air conditioning unit to become colder, since everything is fixed individually and starts working properly again.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Mitsubishi Aircon Vs Daikin Aircon

Many Singaporean people want to find the best aircon for their houses. This is an important unit that you should have inside your house. Air conditioner unit is very popular in Singapore. There are many people using this device in this country. It is a tropical country that has high temperature on sunny day. If you live in this country, you should be able to find some high quality aircon brands that are available on the Internet. Different brands may offer different products and features for all customers. In this article, you can learn the differences between Mitsubishi aircon vs Daikin aircon.

Mitsubishi Aircon

There are many people using this device in their own house. There are many benefits offered by this brand. It receives a lot of good reviews from other people. This brand is committed to help all business owners or home owners to reduce their electric bills. It may happen because most Mitsubishi aircon units have efficient system. They can work efficiently without using a lot of energy. It has effective refrigerant system that can support the performance of this unit effectively without any problems.

a. Consistent air flowing

Mitsubishi aircon is very recommended because it can produce consistent air distribution. This brand always want to give the best products and services for all customers. If you are interested to use aircon unit in large room, you may want to use this unit. This brand has some high quality aircon unit that can distribute the cool air easily. It is a perfect product for you who want to cool down your large rooms easily without having any issues. You can simply turn on this device before you can feel the sensation of cool air around your room. Most units from Mitsubishi can cool down the temperature in less than 5 minutes.

b. Quiet system

Most products from this company are able to produce cool air without producing a lot of noises. Many people are interested with this system because of its quiet technology. Therefore, you can place all Mitsubishi units around your property easily. There are some public areas that also use this device for reducing their temperature. Once it is installed inside your house, you will never hear any noises coming from this simple device. That is the reason why you have to use Mitsubishi aircon inside your own bedroom or other places where you spend the most of your time.

Daikin Aircon
There are many great features offered by Daikin. This company has some high quality products for all customers. You can compare some products coming from Daikin. It has some popular products that are suitable for all people living in Singapore. Keep reading this article to find some benefits that you can enjoy from all units produced by this company. Because of that reason, many people want to buy Daikin air conditioner units for their property, such as house or office. There are many types of Daikin aircon units that are available on the market. Here are some benefits offered by these products.

a. Award Winning products

This is the first benefit that you can get by choosing the Dakin aircon. There are many award winning products produced by Daikin. It shows that many customers love all products from this company. Daikin is committed to give the best service and products for all customers. Many of Daikin units have a lot of great features for all customers. Most people are happy with the fact that Daikin aircon is very durable against any situation. All of these products are made from high quality materials. You can use these products for long period of time.

b. Energy efficient

When you choose Daikin air conditioning units, you should be able to use energy efficient products. This is another reason why you may want to use Daikin aircon as your choice. Most products from this company can work very efficiently. You do not have to spend a lot of money on your electric bill when using aircon units from this company. There are many people who love this feature. All units have effective system that can reduce the energy consumption in regular uses. Some units are also equipped with thermostat, so these units are going to turn off automatically when the temperature reaches your ideal one.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

How To Make Your Aircon Quieter

How To Make Your Aircon Quieter

An aircon unit that makes noise can be really annoying especially if installed in the bedroom or any other location within the home where noise is an intolerable aspect. Sleeping with a noisy air conditioner can pose a major challenge when it rattles the entire night. It is equally difficult to think straight and concentrate in a home office that has a noisy aircon unit. Even though there is nothing as a soundproofed air conditioner, you can easily address vibration and noise issues experienced with the units. All that is required is a bit of investigative work and a keen eye for detail when it comes to spotting faulty parts. Below are some useful tips that will make it easier for you to make your aircon quieter. Singapore residents will find the tips helpful especially during the hot periods.

1. Identify the source of the noise

Vibration is normally the major cause of noise produced by aircon units. However, the noise keeping all the family members awake at night can be attributed to other faults as well. Before rushing into buying a new unit, first check if you can identify the source of the noise.

2. Tighten screws

The initial step you can take even before finding the fault is to screw the unit securely in place. Find all the visible screws and tighten them. Other than making the unit quieter, this action will additionally make it secure and safe to use. Loose screws will only cause lots of rumbling and vibration which eventually leads to excessive noise.

3. Check if the unit is securely fitted

This test can be accomplished by switching the unit on and assessing whether the noise is being produced as a result of poor installation. You can lightly press against it and listen for any noises. If the noises disappear when a bit of pressure is applied, you can use shims to secure it in place. This will make your air-conditioning unit quiet.

4. Check blades

Blades could also cause unbearable noise. Therefore, pull out the unit and check that the blades of the aircon unit are not bent. Bent blades will obviously cause lots of noise. Bend them back appropriately so that they align or resemble other blades. Once this is completed successfully, you can take it back and test it again.

5. Mechanical faults

Certain noises could only mean that your unit is experiencing major problems especially if there are banging or clanking noises which suddenly arise. These kinds of noises could either mean the fan, the compressor or any other major component is about to give in. Continuous noise should never be ignored but should be dealt with as soon as they occur. If the compressor is faulty for instance, you can have it replaced and your unit will be less noisy.

6. Routine maintenance

Air conditioners are sleek devices. As such, the components and the parts are designed to work in compressed or small spaces and this is likely to cause noise. Worn out parts are also likely to cause lots of noise due to deterioration. This is the main reason why calling professionals to do routine maintenance will make your air conditioner less noisy.

7. Clean the appliance

One of the most appropriate techniques that will effectively get rid of noise is by cleaning it frequently. Other than reducing all the annoying noises, cleaning it maintains it in good shape and prolongs its life. To do a thorough cleaning job on the appliance, disassemble the removable parts and clean it well. Oiling some of the movable parts will also get rid of noise thus making it run quietly.

8. Undersized ducts

A popping sound produced when the unit is switched on could mean ducts are not sized properly. The sound is usually produced as a result of air pushing through the ducts. Undersized or faulty ducts will simply make it impossible for the air to flow freely. The only rational thing to do in such a situation is to carry out a replacement of the ducts. This will make your air-conditioner quiet.

In certain instances, noise coming from the aircon could simply mean that the unit has suffered major wear and it has outlived its usefulness. A replacement may be mandatory in such situations; therefore, call a professional based in Singapore to do the replacement if deemed necessary. When the appliance is installed properly and maintained on a regular basis, you can rest assured knowing your unit will be quiet for a long time.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Can Aircon Help To Improve Indoor Aircon Quality From Haze?

Haze can be a common problem that may be suffered by many homeowners living in Singapore. This problem may reduce the air quality inside your own house. There are many great tips that you can follow to remove haze from your house completely. Using aircon units is proven to be very effective to improve your air quality It is possible for you to reduce haze from your house by using some air conditioners. However, you have to take care of your aircon units before you can remove haze completely. There are several useful things that you need to do to improve the air quality inside your rooms.

1. Clean your air filter regularly

It is important that you clean your air filter regularly, especially if you have haze problem in your house. Haze can bring some unwanted materials into your house. These impurities may be absorbed by your air filter. Dirty air filter cannot function well and properly. Therefore, you have to open your air conditioner units, so you can clean your air filters properly. Cleaning these air filters is good for improving the effectiveness of your aircon units to remove haze from your house. If you want to improve the air quality inside your house, you should clean this air filter at least once a week during haze problems.

2. Have regular air duct cleaning

Haze may cause your air duct system to accumulate some unwanted materials, such as dirt, dust, ash, and other materials. These materials can be dangerous for people who spend most of their time indoor. Therefore, you have to check your air duct system regularly. Cleaning this system is very useful to prevent any problems that may be caused by haze. Regular air duct cleaning can improve the performance of your aircon units to improve the indoor air quality effectively. Your air conditioners can absorb some haze in your house by using this clean air duct system.

3. Check some parts of your air conditioners

This is another important thing that you have to do when you want to eliminate haze from your house completely. Make sure that your air conditioners have proper parts that can function normally. All parts inside your air conditioners should work well, so your aircon unit can remove haze from your house completely. There are some aircon service companies that can help you check all parts inside your aircon unit properly. It is important to take care of your aircon units, especially if you want to improve its performance and effectiveness in removing haze from your house.

4. Adjust the humidity level

Some air conditioners are equipped with humidity control. This system is very useful to reduce haze completely. Some experts believe that you need to increase the humidity level, so all materials from haze can fall down to the floor. It is not a difficult thing to increase the humidity to your desired level. You can leave this situation for a few hours. All materials from haze are going to fall down, so you can remove them from your house easily. However, you need to use vacuum cleaner or mops for removing these materials from your own house completely.

5. Get routine HVAC maintenance

Don't forget to get routine HVAC maintenance for your own house, especially if you suffer from haze problems. Haze can cause some unwanted problems on your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) system in your house. By maintaining this system, you are able to improve the performance of your air conditioner effectively. Your aircon units are able to filter all materials from haze completely. It is recommended that you have routine HVAC maintenance at least once a week to maintain its effectiveness.

After reading this article, you should know how to improve the air quality inside your house with proper aircon units. A good air conditioner can be used to remove some materials from haze completely. If you want to get maximum result, you can install some air purifiers for removing these haze materials quickly. There are some air purifiers that are available today. Make sure that you turn on your air conditioner when haze problem occurs in your house. Air conditioner has some air filters that are useful to remove unwanted haze materials from your house easily.

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Singapore Aircon Servicing™ - Comic video

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7 Important Tips On Aircon Servicing

Singapore being a hot and tropical country, it is of no wonder that the climate is hot and humid all through the year. Air conditioners are not a luxury in Singapore but a necessity. A peaceful night or a relaxed day is almost impossible without aircon. The more they work, the more is the maintenance and servicing needed. If serviced properly and maintained regularly, the lifespan and the functioning of aircon is surely increased.

What are the 7 important tips for aircon servicing? 

Tip #1
Clean Inside and outside with a mild detergent and soft cloth
Some people are of the opinion that it is the exterior part that gets dusty. They feel the outer part should be cleaned well. Others feel that it is the interior part that needs regular care and service. Which is right? Both are wrong. The right thing to do is to clean the inside as well as outside part thoroughly. Dip a sponge in a mild detergent solution to clean the parts and then wipe it dry with a soft cloth.

Tip #2
Cleaning the filter
The chances of the filter getting clogged are very high in Singapore. The filter should be cleaned with a fine soft brush using a soap solution at least once a month. It should be wiped and left to dry in the open for a few minutes. Make sure that the filter is put back in its place only after it dries up. Filters need to be replaced periodically for the efficient functioning of aircon.

Tip #3
Cleaning evaporator
This is an important step in aircon servicing because the evaporator tends to become the breeding place of microorganisms like bacteria, virus and fungus. This can affect the health of the whole family. The evaporator unit must be first removed with a screw driver. The underside of the evaporator should be cleaned well. You can use a mild disinfectant or bleach to clean the evaporator. This can prevent the microorganisms from thriving and multiplying. There is a tray below the evaporator. This too should be cleaned. Fix the evaporator unit back in its place. Tighten the screws and seal the unit securely with a broad tape.

Tip #4
Cleaning the condenser
The condenser is one of the parts located in the outer part of the aircon. There should be no dust in the condenser. This can obstruct the air flow. Sometimes the moisture content in the air may promote the growth of small plants near it. Check the area around the condenser at least once in two months to make sure that nothing grows in that area. Take a lot of care while cleaning the condenser because rough handling can result in breakage.

Tip #5
Cleaning the fan and the compressor
Dust seems to accumulate easily in the fan and the compressor of your aircon. They should be cleaned with care. First use the blower of the vacuum cleaner to blow away the dust from them. Then use a soft wet cloth and wipe them. If you leave it wet it may attract more dust. Use a dry cloth and wipe it dry. Make sure that all screws are tight. If there are any loose screws tighten them using the right screw driver.

Tip #6
Maintaining the motor
Proper maintenance of motor ensures soft and noiseless running of your aircon. If your motor is not properly maintained and are not replaced when necessary, you cannot dream of having a good sleep because your aircon becomes too noisy. Be careful in cleaning the motor. Refer to the instruction manual for cleaning tips before starting to clean the motor.

Tip #7
You should follow an important precaution because safety is the primary requirement. Your aircon unit should be turned off. It is better to have it unplugged to make sure that there is no power supply to the unit. This is very important tip for your aircon servicing. This is the very first step and don’t ignore it. Better to be cautious than to regret later. 

Aircon servicing in Singapore needs to be done regularly. If you maintain and service your aircon once a month or once In two months you are assured of the best performance. Enjoy the coolness in your home and get relief from stress. It is true that not all people in Singapore can find time to service their aircon regularly. If you are too busy, you can get the services of a reputed aircon servicing company to do it for you.