Tuesday, 8 July 2014

7 Reasons Why Your Aircon Is Colder After Chemical Wash

Singapore can be very hot and humid, a condition which makes air conditioners very handy. This equipment is used to remove hot air and circulate cool air around the spaces they are in, be they homes or offices. The last thing you want therefore is to have your air conditioner to break down and leave you struggling to cope with the heat. Life can become quite difficult after that, because the heat and humidity is sometimes unbearable.

Chemical Washes
The debris and dirt as well as bacteria that collects within the components of your air con over time, can give you a multitude of problems. Once there is an accumulation of these things, your air conditioner components start malfunctioning.

Regular maintenance is therefore something that you should consider to enhance the quality of service that your air conditioner gives you. One of the best ways to ensure that your equipment works for a long time without problems is by doing a chemical wash.

The wash entails the use of special chemicals to remove bacteria, debris, and dirt that has accumulated in and around the components of your air conditioner over time. Once a professional does the wash, you will be amazed to notice that your air conditioner is much colder that it was before you had the maintenance work done. There are several reasons for this observation.

Why Your Air Con Is Colder After Chemical Wash

· Each part of the air conditioner is meant to function in relation to the other parts. When there is an accumulation of debris and bacteria, it means that these components are not as compatible as they were. There may be too much friction or too little, which means that in the end, the air conditioner will function poorly. Once a chemical wash is done, all these parts are able to work as they were meant to, together. That is why your equipment will become colder, because it can circulate the cool air properly once more.

· The condenser is one of the most important components within your air con unit. Without it, the act of cooling your space ceases to take place. This component however, can suffer from a huge accumulation of debris and bacteria. This will in turn affects the cooling mechanism of the condenser meaning that it will cease to cool your air, as it should. After a thorough wash with chemicals however, all the accumulated bacteria and debris will be removed. The condenser will then start cooling your air very efficiently, which is why your air conditioner will feel colder.

· The motor of the fan within the air condition should function without problems, if it is to help circulate cool air within your space. When dirt and debris accumulates within the fan motor unchecked, the cool air that you want so desperately cannot be released properly. That is why you will end up feeling hot even when the aircon is on. By having your fan motor washed with chemicals though, you remove the clogging within the motor, which in turn enables it to release cool air. That is why your air conditioning unit will feel colder after a chemical wash.

· The filter is another component of your air conditioner that benefits from chemical washes on a regular basis. Accumulation of debris and bacteria causes the condenser coils to freeze. This prevents heat from being released outside. Therefore, when a wash is done, the filters function as they should, release the hot air, and causes the air conditioning unit to be colder than it was.

· During chemical cleaning the drainage, system of your aircon is cleaned and checked. This ensures that any water leakages, which cause the air conditioning unit to cool your space inefficiently is rectified. After that, you will notice that your unit is colder than it was, since no water is leaking and cooling is done very efficiently.

· The blower wheel also enhances the cooling process, accumulation of dirt and debris interferes with the way it moves. A chemical wash therefore enhances its cooling abilities and makes the whole unit colder.

· During chemical washes, the thermostat, which controls the cooling, and heating, and the pipes and coils as well as the refrigerant are checked. If they have accumulated debris and dirt or are not functioning at normal levels, then they are cleaned, topped up, and fixed. Thorough chemical washed therefore end up causing the whole air conditioning unit to become colder, since everything is fixed individually and starts working properly again.