Tuesday, 2 September 2014

When Do We Need To Topup Aircon Gas?

In Singapore, air conditioners are very common appliances that the locals use to cool their houses during summer and warm their houses during winter. In fact, air conditioning units are so common in Singapore that comprehending a life without them cannot be imagined. An adequate supply of air con gas is required on a timely basis is required by these units in order to be able to serve household residents in Singapore properly. Moreover, maintenance and servicing are also important aspects to ensure that these gadgets perform and remain at top levels. Unfortunately, most Singaporeans do not know when and why they should stop up air con gas.

The reason to top up air con gas is actually very simple. The tubing system of an air conditioner can get damaged, as a result of which the refrigerant can leak. The leaking might continue unnoticed for years, but it may also be noticed in a short period of time. However, the fact of the matter is that nearly all air conditioners tend to leak, and so, an air con gas like Freon has to be topped up constantly. At times, an expert might be required in order to find the precise point that is leaking.


Fortunately, it is not so difficult or tricky to figure when you may need to topup aircon gas.

1. Air conditioner’s cooling performance has declined
The cooling performance of an air conditioner is the amount of time that is taken by an air conditioning unit in order to cool a room. When an air conditioner is working properly, only a short amount of time is required by it to cool a room. Another thing that many local Singaporeans realize that that amount of time that is currently taken by an air conditioner in order to cool a room is that the same as the amount of time it used to take when it back brand new. Thus, you may need to top up air con gas if this decline in cooling performance continues to persist. The best thing that can be done is to contact an air conditioner servicing company and get high quality Freon gas refilled into the air conditioning unit.

2. Air conditioner keeps on running nearly constantly

Typically, air conditioning units only keep running for a short period of time after which it is turned off once the desired temperature has been reached. However, if an air conditioner keeps running without turning off and manual intervention is required to make it turn off, then it means that servicing is required. This problem is caused by one of two things. Either a decline in the cooling capacity of the air conditioner or malfunctioning of its temperature sensor can result in this problem. However, no matter why the problem has occurred, you will still need to top up air con gas.

3. Air conditioner makes an unusual noise

Air conditioning units do not product a lot of noise if their new or are properly serviced. However, the continuous use of air conditioners can cause parts to become worn out and get loose, as a result of which noise is produced. When the noise becomes excessive, it means that servicing is required. Again, high quality Freon gas will be replenished in your air conditioner as a part of proper servicing.

4. Air conditioner frequently turns on and off

When air conditioners are brand new and are functioning properly, their thermostats turn them on and off after a certain interval of time. However, there is usually something wrong when an air conditioning unit keeps turning on and off frequently. Air conditioners are supposed to remain turned on for a certain period of time, and should also remain turned off for a certain of time before they are turned on again. So, frequently turning on and off is a sign that servicing is required. Only a trusted air conditioner servicing company will be able to tell what is wrong with the unit and will probably top up air con gas too.


As mentioned, air con gas is necessary for an air conditioning unit to function properly. An air conditioner can experience problems you do not top up Freon gas in due time. The above signs could indicate that the gas in your air conditioner needs to be topped up. However, you also learn how to check air conditioner gas so that may get it refilled in a time manner.