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Do Aircons Need to Be Flushed Every 3 Months?

When you want to take care of all air conditioner units in your home, you need to do some maintenance procedures on these units. There are some important things that you have to do, so you can use these units for a long time. It is also important for you to flush your air conditioners regularly. It is recommended for you to flush these aircon units in every 3 months. Regular flushing can bring many benefits for all customers. Before you choose the best aircon flushing service, you may want to take a look at some of these benefits of this service now.

1. Reduce the frequency of freon replacement

Freon is an important part of your air conditioner. This product is very useful to improve maximum comfort of your home and office, especially during hot days. This part of your air conditioner can help you maintain the overall quality of this unit. It is recommended for you to flush your aircon regularly, so you can maintain the quality of the freon. As the result, you should be able to use your freon for a long time without having to replace it too frequently. You should be able to save a lot of money and time when you want to take care of your freon.

2. Improve the efficiency of your aircon

This is another benefit that you can get from your aircon flushing service. This service is very useful to remove any impurities and unwanted things from your aircon. As the result, you should be able to improve the overall efficiency of your air conditioner. When you can improve the efficiency of your air conditioner, you are able to save a lot of money on the electricity and utility bills. It is recommended for you to flush and clean your air conditioner regularly, especially if you want to have efficient air conditioner in your home or office now.

3. Improve the air quality from your air conditioner

It is very important for you to take care of your aircon, so you can have good air quality from your air conditioner. Regular aircon flushing service is very useful to help you remove any unwanted materials, such as mold spores, bacteria, microorganisms, and any other unwanted things from your aircon. As the result, your air conditioner should be able to deliver good air quality to your room. This benefit is very useful for you who have some relatives and colleagues who have any allergic reactions toward bad air quality.

4. Improve the durability of your air conditioner

This is another good advantage from regular aircon flushing service. This procedure is very useful to improve the overall durability of your air conditioner. If you want to use your aircon for a long time, you should be able to choose the best flushing service that is suitable for your unit. It is recommended for you to improve the overall durability of your aircon, so you don't need to replace this unit too frequently. You need to choose the best service that can flush your air conditioner completely without having any problems.

Choose Your Favorite Flushing Service Now

It is the best time for you to select your favorite aircon flushing service company now. There are some professional companies that are ready to help you flush your air conditioner completely. Make sure that you compare all available companies before you select the best one for yourself. Before you decide to select the best flushing service for yourself, you can take a look and consider some of these important tips below. Here are some useful tips that you can use for comparing all available aircon flushing service companies easily.

1. Look at some reviews

When you look on the Internet, you can find some popular aircon flushing service companies that are available in Singapore. It is a great idea for you to compare all of these companies by looking at all available reviews. When you read some of these reviews, you should be able to find some reputable companies that are available in Singapore. Most reputable and reliable companies are ready to provide the best aircon flushing service quality for all customers. It means that you don't need to spend a lot of money for choosing any low quality service in this country.

2. Ask for quote

When you contact some professional companies in this country, you may also want to ask about their quote. Most companies are willing to provide quotation for all customers without any additional costs. This free quote may include all important details about your favorite aircon flushing service, such as labor fee, equipment rental cost, and many other important details. This quotation is very useful to help you manage your own budget for flushing your air conditioner regularly. Some companies are able to provide high quality service at low price or affordable rate.

3. Ask for warranty

Before you choose the best company for yourself, you have to ask about this warranty. This warranty is very useful to ensure that you can get the best service quality from your favorite aircon flushing service company. Different companies may have their own policy about their warranty programs. Most companies are able to provide up to 30 - 90 days warranty to cover everything that is included in the aircon flushing service package. This warranty can help you get the best benefits from your favorite aircon flushing service that is available today. You will never have to worry about getting any low service quality when you use guaranteed aircon flushing service now.

There are many other useful tips that can help you find some popular aircon flushing service companies around yourself. It is the best time for you to choose the best service company that is suitable for your needs. It is recommended for you to have regular aircon flushing procedure, in order to maintain the overall quality of your air conditioner. You need to know that regular aircon flushing service can bring many benefits and advantages for all customers these days. You will be able to improve the performance of all aircons in your home or office.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Useful Tips On Aircon Servicing During The Holidays

Singapore’s climate is generally considered a tropical rain forest owing to its proximity to the equator. It is in fact situated 1 degree north of the equator and therefore it does not experience distinct seasons like countries outside the tropics. Due to this tropical climate, Singapore generally experiences a warm and humid climate all through the year and hence for Singaporeans, having air conditioners is almost a way of life. Air conditioners cool and purify air in our premises to make us comfortable all day long. Choosing aircon services for your premise or home is not an easy task, the following are some of the major factors to be considered when selecting an aircon services:

Reputable company
When sourcing for the best aircon services, it is crucial to consider the reputation of the company. Never just rush to offer a job to any aircon services provider without getting to know its background. With this in mind you would consider a company that you are sure they can deliver on the job and have professional work ethics. This would in turn save you a lot of money as the air conditioners will not be prone to frequent breakdowns and hence not inconveniencing you.

Recommendations from close friends
Seeking other people’s opinions is also a good way of getting to know the best service providers for aircon conditioners. People who have used such services before can recommend to you the best service providers since they have experience with them and they are aware which provider can deliver the best services at a fair price while maintaining the quality of the services offered. The social media or internet can be the best way to get more information and recommendations; this would give you a wide scope of the available aircon dealers within your locality. This would save you time and avoid the hustle of having to travel in search of a good one.

Long term experience
A company that has been in business for a long time is most likely to offer the best Aircon services. This is so because, having been in operation for a long time their services must be consistent and they have the knowledge of providing the best. Such companies with time must have built their brand name and more often than not they are known based on the services they offer. usually they are considered the best in the trade and the best known.

Certified and licensed firms
It is always a good practice to hire aircon service providers who are certified and have licenses to operate. Such firms must have been vetted and deemed to be able to offer good quality services to their customers. When you do this, you will be very sure that you will be cushioned from any liability in case damage to your facility is incurred during their operation at your premise or home. You will also be very sure that you will be offered quality and professional services within the accepted time lines. 

Availability and accessibility
Another very important factor to consider is choosing an aircon service provider that is available and within reach. This would save you quite a lot of down time on an event of your aircon system breaking down. Your service provider would be able to access your facility within a short period time and your system would be up and running and saving you the inconvenience you would have incurred having to wait for it to be restored. It is also important to note that services of such a service provider can be considered every time a problem arises on your aircon system and therefore being a regular client they can offer you fare price-charges.

Embrace new technology
Every day in our lives, we have new technology emerging and this is due to the changing trends and demands of users. Therefore choosing a company that keeps abreast with technology in their field is the best way to go. By so doing, the efficiency as well as the life span of your aircon system is enhanced. New methods of cleaning air conditioners is also used instead of the harmful chemicals that has been in use before, this in turn is eco-friendly and a safer method.

Quality and reliability
Going for a service provider who is known for their good quality and reliable services is very important. Good firms who practice this usually employ qualified personnel in their team whose quality of service are standard. Since they are usually efficient and reliable, they can be able to offer warranty for their services to their clients. Such companies are always organized and they plan adequately during the operation and as a customer your appointment with them will always be delivered in good time without delay. This is so because they value their customers more and will never let their customer suffer unnecessarily.

Customer satisfaction
When selecting aircon services, it is also very crucial to go for those firms who have customer satisfaction at heart. Any service provider, who values his customers, will always make sure that a job is not yet done until the customer is satisfied. Such firms make sure they consult the client and advise him where necessary to make sure they understand the needs of the client. In the end the client feels his needs have been met having been provided with good service. It is also important to note that such companies encourage feedback from their clients and making sure they take up any complains very seriously.

Competitive prices
A good firm should be able to give its customers a good price for their services. Their pricing should not be exorbitant but at least it should be reasonable. It is always good to choose firms who can charge you a value that is within your budget. Therefore, exploring the market is a good practice; you can end up finding a good firm that is fair regarding its pricing than having spent more on another that would have just provided the same quality of service if you had not done a window shopping. 

Thursday, 22 October 2015

How To Do Proper Servicing For Your Aircon Fan Coil

An aircon Fan Coil is good device in homes because it helps to make rooms cool. This device works by converting hot air to cool air. The other technique that the device used to cool room is by changing humidity in rooms. During hot weather conditions is the best time to see the usefulness of this equipment. There are many chemicals that are utilized by Aircon Fan Coil in producing cool air. This equipment does not last forever but may get need servicing in order for it to last for a longer time. This is helpful in that the owner is able to save money that is to be used in replacing the equipment and use that money in other investments.

There are three main parts of the Aircon Fan Coil and these are the parts that need servicing. They include the evaporator, the condenser and the compressor. It is easier to service the compressor and the condenser than the evaporator because these parts are located on the outside. It is generally recommended to seek servicing help from a professional Aircon Fan Coil servicing company so as to have your equipment serviced in the proper way.

Select a your servicing contractor well

It is important that you select a servicing contractor company that has a good reputation. The company should be licensed with legal documents of providing air conditioning services. A good Aircon fan Oil servicing contractor should be in a position to offer quick installation, repair, diagnostic and minatenanvce services to its clients. The company must also offer 24/7 services so that they are easily available when required to offer emergency services. The customer care of that company also needs to be active so that clients can easily seek for services whenever they are urgently needed.

Carrying out Adequate Research About the Servicing Company and Their services 

An Aircon Fan Coil is a big investment that needs to be well protected and maintained. You should do through research about the quality of services of your selected servicing company before giving them a mandate to service your Aircon. Contracting out Aircon Fan Coil servicing to a company that offers poor quality services is very risk because the company may damage your asset. The only way that you can know about the company’s services is by doing thorough research especially on the internet.

You may also seek for referrals from your friends and genuine online customer reviews so as to be guided to well Aircon Fan Coil Servicing contractors. The referees will guide you to the right contractor who is operating within your location. Adequate research enables you to avoid making mistakes about air conditioning in your home. Remember to research information of the company’s insure status. Hiring an Aircon Fan Coil servicing company that is not insured is risky and it is like putting your asset in danger. This is because you may not get compensated if your Aircon Fan Coil gets damaged by the staff of the servicing company.

Don’t go for companies that charge very high servicing costs 
Aircon Fan Coil servicing companies are supposed to charge their services at prices that are directly proportional to the extensiveness of their air conditioning servicing systems. It is common to see a company that uses high extensive equipments to service your air conditioners to charging higher prices than others. The prices are hence an indication of how good their services may be. However, there are some Air conditioner servicing Companies in Singapore that charge very high prices and yet the quality of their services is very low.

Hence, there is need to evaluate the relationship of the charges and services offered by each company before selecting the most appropriate one. The company that offers high quality services at a reasonable price should be given the priority in this case. You evaluate the charges of companies; remember to seek information as to whether there are any other hidden charges so as to know the correct net amount that you will pay for the services.

Ensure that the company hired has qualified Professionals. There are cases where Aircon Fan Coil servicing companies send worker who are neither experienced nor skilled on serving such equipment. Their servicing inabilities are likely to put your Aircon Fan Coil in trouble. It is a good idea that you make an agreement with the company to send qualified and experienced professionals who know how t to service Aircon Fan Coil. Taking such a precaution is of great importance as you will reduce the risk of your equipment getting damaged.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Where Can I Find Sunday Aircon Servicing?

If you live in Singapore, you may want to find the best aircon service in this country. There are many high quality companies that can help you fix any problems with your air conditioner. However, not all of them can offer Sunday aircon servicing for all clients. Most of them only offer regular service at working days. You have to contact some of them to find the best company that can offer Sunday service. There are several places that you should visit when you choose the best service for your air conditioning unit. Here are some useful tips for you who want to find Sunday aircon service.

a. Google

This is the easiest way to find Sunday aircon service in Singapore. There are many companies that promote their website on the Internet. Google is a great search engine that can help you find the best service for fixing any problems with your aircon unit. You can simply search for the best company operating in this country. When looking at these sites, you should compare some of those services. Some of them may offer Sunday service for all clients. Try to contact some of them to check their availability.

b. Local Newspaper

Some companies may promote their business on the newspaper or magazine. It is another great source that you can use to find Sunday aircon servicing. It is a good idea to look for the family newspaper or magazine. Most companies usually promote their service on these newspapers. They also put their telephone number, so you can simply call them for getting information about their service. Some of them may offer Sunday service for their clients. They may also offer discounts for new customers who look at their advertisements on newspaper.

c. Aircon Review Site

There are some air conditioning unit reviews that are available on the Internet. You can look at these sites when you are planning to find the best service for your aircon unit. These reviews can tell you the best company that offers Sunday aircon service for all customers. You can also talk to other users when you want to know about certain aircon servicing companies. These sites are widely available on the Internet. You can simply visit some review sites on the Internet. Most of these sites will also show benefits and disadvantages of choosing certain companies. They can help you find the right company for fixing your aircon unit on Sunday.

d. Social media sites

You can take a look at some social media sites. Many aircon service companies promote their business on the social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and many other sites. These sites can provide you some available Aircon companies in Singapore. You can look at their profiles to find Sunday Aircon Servicing from these companies. When it is needed, you may also want to contact them to get information about this service. Some companies may also use Facebook ads to promote their products and services. You can simply look at these ads when you want to find the best aircon service company.

e. Directories

There are some local directories that you can find in this country. These directories are available in online or book format. You can simply look for these sources when comparing some aircon service companies. These directories may also include some information about certain companies, including their Sunday service. You can compare some companies before choosing the best one for yourself. It is highly recommended that you contact several companies before hiring them as your favorite service company. Some online directories may have reviews for these services.

Those are several places where you can find high quality company that offers Sunday aircon servicing. This service is very useful for all clients who have aircon problems on Sunday and any other holidays. This service is usually more expensive than the regular service. However, it is very important to know about this service. You have to know some companies that can offer this service for all clients. You may have this emergency situation in the future. It means that you should be ready for anything that may happen in the future. Try to build a good relationship with the best aircon service companies that have Sunday service.

Monday, 18 May 2015

What Is The Best Type Of Aircon To Install For Warehouse?

There are many types of air conditioners that you can find in Singapore today. When you want to install the best device for your warehouse, you need to compare some available devices. If you compare some of these units, you should be able to find some features, benefits, or advantages of these devices. This article is going to discuss about top 5 best air conditioners that are good for your warehouse. These devices are recommended for most users because they are made from high quality materials. They also come with some useful features that are great for all users.


1. Split Aircon

It is one of the most common units that you can install in your warehouse. This kit contains 2 different units, including external and internal unit. There are many benefits that you can get from this device. This aircon has small or compact internal unit. Therefore, you don't need to spend a lot of time for installing this device. It can reduce the overall negative effects from your air conditioner unit. This device is suitable for you who want to install this aircon in any rooms without windows. You can simply connect the internal and external units with drain pipes easily.

2. Tower AC

This is another recommended device for your warehouse. You can simply install this tower air conditioner inside your warehouse. There is no wall installation required by this device. You can simply put this device on the flat floor easily. There are many people who are happy with this device. This air conditioner is able to provide good cooling ability for most business owners. It can provide high cooling capacity for most large rooms, such as warehouse. This tower air conditioner also requires minimum maintenance procedures. You don't need to spend a lot of your time for taking care of this reliable unit. You should be able to use this device for long period of time.

3. Central Air Conditioning

Some people are interested with this central aircon. This system is a premium cooling solution for your warehouse. You should be able to manage the cooling ability of this air conditioner easily. You can manage the performance of your aircon based on your warehouse size, warehouse use, and many other important factors. This system usually contains two main units, including condensing and evaporative units. This central aircon is suitable for you who want to reduce the temperature of your warehouse easily. You can simply manage the central control panel system that is attached to this system.

4. Window Air Conditioner

This unit is commonly used in many residential properties. However, some business owners start using this device for their warehouses. It is very easy to install this aircon in your warehouse. There are some important components that you should install in this system, including evaporator, expansion coil, condenser, compressor, cooling coil, and many other important parts. It is very easy to maintain the overall quality and performance of this aircon. This device has minimum maintenance requirement, so you can reduce the maintenance cost of this air conditioner unit in your warehouse.

5. Package Terminal Air Conditioning (PTAC) system

This is another recommended system that is good for your warehouse. It has some similarities with the central air conditioning system. This PTAC system allows you to control several units from one single location. It is commonly used in many commercial areas, such as offices, hotels, warehouses, stores, and many other places. You don't need to spend your time for turning on and off all air conditioners in your warehouse. It is very easy to control the cooling system in your warehouse, especially after you have this type of air conditioning system.

They are some recommended air conditioners that are good for your warehouse. It is important that you select your favorite unit based on your needs and budget. Don't forget to read the instructions, so you can install the best unit in your warehouse easily. Most air conditioners also come with warranty. Therefore, you should be able to rely on the quality of these units. Choosing the right aircon system for your warehouse should not be a complicated and difficult task to do. You can also contact the best aircon service company in Singapore, so you can install this device easily.

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HDB Aircon BTU Calculation Guide

There are several factors that you need to consider when purchasing aircon for your home or office. One of the most important factors to consider is the correct air conditioner size. Too large aircon is a waste of money when purchasing and also increases energy bills.

Unfortunately, too large air conditioner does not necessary mean that it will cool your room effectively, it is very important to purchase only the right aircon size. Correct size means that you will save on energy bills yet your room will be cooled effectively. On the other hand, too small air conditioner will not cool your room efficiently. In nutshell, too large air conditioner will waste the initial capital investment and will not effectively remove the moisture from your room. Thus, it will make your room clammy and uncomfortable. If you choose too small air conditioner, you may end up with aircon that does not cool your room efficiently and also overheats.

Choosing the right air conditioner
If you want to purchase the right air conditioner for your home or office, it is very important to calculate the BTUs that the room requires. The following HDB Aircon BTU Calculation Guide provides the simplest way to determine the BTUs that your room requires. This is very important because it will also help you in making the right decision on the size of the aircon that you should purchase.

Calculate the area of the room to be cooled
The first step in calculating the BTUs that your room require is by calculating the square area of the room to be cooled. For rectangular and square rooms, multiply the length by its width (all units in square footage). For the triangular parts, multiply the length with it width and then divide by two. If the shape of your room is not triangular, rectangular or square, it is very wise to get professional air conditioner services provider to help you determine the size of your room and ultimately the BTUs that your room requires.

Determining the BTUs (British Thermal Units) per hours
Upon getting room square footage, you need to calculate the BTUs that you need. The following chart has been designed by professionals to aid in determining the BTUs requires.
Area to be cooled the BTUs per hour required
100 ft2 up to 150 ft2 5000 BTUs per hour
150 ft2 up to 250 ft2 6000 BTUs per hour
250 ft2 up to 300 ft2 7000 BTUs per hour
300 ft2 up to 350 ft2 8,000 BTUs per hour
350 ft2 up to 400 ft2 9,000 BTUS per hour 
400 ft2 up to 450 ft2 10,000 BTUs per hour
450 ft2 up to 550 ft2 12,000 BTUs per hour
550 ft2 up to 700 ft2 14,000 BTUs per hour
700 ft2 up to 1,000 ft2 18,000 BTUs per hour
1000 ft2 up to 1200 ft2 21,000 BTUs per hour
1200 ft2 up to 1400 ft2 23,000 BTUs per hour
1400 ft2 up to 1500 ft2 24,000 BTUs per hour
1500 ft2 up to 2,000 ft2 30,000 BTUs per hour
2,000 ft2 up to 2,500 ft2 34,000 BTUs per hour

Make adjustment
Those are the ideal BTUs that professional recommend. After calculating, you also need to consider some other factors and make the necessary adjustments. The following are some of the adjustments that you should make.If your room is heavily shaded, professional recommend that you lower the BTUs by 10 percent. This is because your room will partly cooled by the shade.If you are in a very sunny place, or your room is heavily sunny, you should increase the BTUs by 10 percent.If the air conditioner is used in the kitchen, you should increase the capacity by 4,000 BTUs.
If more than two people occupy the room, you should add 600 BTU for each additional person.

You should also look at the place where you will mount your air conditioner. If you mount it at the corner of your room, use aircon unit that will send airflow in the right direction. 
If you follow this guide, you will have a good air conditioner that perfectly meets your cooling needs. It is also very important to hire professional air conditioner services provider to inspect your room and make any other recommendations pertaining to your room BTUs requirement. Because they are specialists who have been offering these services for years, they are better placed to give the right BTUs required.

Some of the benefits of hiring aircon service provider to calculate your room BTUs are:
Many homeowners purchase too large air conditioner. There are several shortcomings of buying too large air conditioner. For example, too large air conditioners are difficult to install. They require large space which may not be available. Another shortcoming of purchasing too large air conditioner is that they require more electricity to operate. Installing too large air conditioner will escalate your monthly energy bill. By hiring professional air conditioner service provider, they will inspect your room, and precisely determine the correct BTUs required to effectively cool the room. Because they have the right equipment, skills and experience, they will save you from incurring large monthly energy bills.

Another shortcoming of installing too large air conditioner is that the unit will create uncomfortable environment in your home or office. Too large air conditioner creates inconsistent indoor temperature which is uncomfortable. Too large air conditioner unit will not effectively remove the indoor moisture and will make your room feel clammy and uncomfortable.

However, some homeowners can choose to use small aircon to save some money on air con installation cost. Too small air conditioners are prone to wear and tear. To cool your room, small air conditioner will have to work longer, at times continuously in order to achieve the indoor comfort required. This makes them more prone to wear and tear. In many cases, small aircon units are not able to provide the required comfort. Therefore, you office or home will remain too hot during the afternoons. To achieve the required comfort, you may choose to supplement the aircon with another cooling system. Supplementing air conditioner is expensive.

Thus, to ensure you get the correct BTUs for your home or office, it is good to hire professional air conditioner services provider. They have the required skills and experience to accurately determine BTU required.