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How to Find The Best Aircon Installation and Repair Pickering

If you have a temporary site or are experiencing some heat wave on your current one that you were unprepared for, then it is a very good idea to invest in some air conditioning to help you to manage the temperature. Here we will look at why this is so important, and what air conditioning does for your property.

First of all, air conditioning is highly necessary for hygiene. When air is circulated through an AC unit, it will be cleaned and disinfected to remove any elements that might otherwise cause potential health problems. It will include many different kinds of toxins and molecules. For instance, it will remove small particles of bacteria from the air which are proliferated when we sneeze or a cough and which we would otherwise breath in.

At the same time, air conditioning will also remove other less serious elements from the air. For instance, it can remove allergens such as pollen and dander which otherwise get into the atmosphere from plants and pets and which can cause a range of allergic reactions.

The need for aircon installation and repair are equally important because both the work needs expertise and experience to work it out perfectly. Even if we have a little bit of idea regarding the repairing need then chances are that we might and up creating more damage or else make the effort that would lead to no results. In most of these cases, we require knowledge about the parts and their function in the whole system o the air condition and that is why hiring an Air Conditioning Installation & Repair Pickering is very significant.

Top Tips to hire the best Air Conditioning Installation & Repair Pickering

Explore the online world
One of the easy ways to get services of any kind of need is the internet. Hence, if you are looking for quality air condition installation and repairing services then nothing would be better the searching on the internet. There are lots of companies in the online world that has their own website to promote their services to the audience who are looking for them. Researching and going through different websites will help to gather a considerable amount of knowledge regarding the different services they provide and the various rates for the service.

Ask your closed ones
When it comes to gathering information about good aircon servicing or even for installation, then getting recommendations from your closed ones is actually a very good idea. Asking recommendation from your office colleague or your friend and even from your neighbors is a better way to get a valuable suggestion as well as names of the best air condition repairing and installation service in the current times. The reason is that at some point in time they might have hired a repairing service and their experience will help you to get some good advice on this issue.

Look into their client testimonials
Now that you have a good amount of information regarding the names and rates of air condition servicing then it is time to search on the internet regarding the quality of the service provided by particular agencies. The best way to know this is by checking the testimonials give by their existing clients. Also, exploring the reviews given in the review websites like Yelp and others is a great way to know the quality of an agency providing air conditioning installation & repair Pickering. Make sure to go through the reviews given by the earlier clients and if there are lots of negativity talked about then it is good to move to the next agency that has satisfactory reviews given by the clients.

Call them or visit their office
Last but not the last thing to keep in mind is that if you have decided to hire an air condition repair and installation service then it is very important to call them or visit their office. By talking to them directly will help you to feel more confident about your decision and ask all the questions that you want before hiring them.

Now that you are aware of the ways to find the best air condition repair and installation agency in your area, then make sure to hire the right one with experience, expertise, and reputation because you don't want to make any mistake about it.

Common Air Conditioning Repair Problems

Office aircon is one of the basic requirements for most of us, which can simply help in beating the heat of the sun during the hot summer season. Undoubtedly, it is just like a lifesaver when it is functioning smoothly and a real headache when it stops functioning. These days, central air conditioning systems are mostly used in homes and office especially in the country where the bearing heat of summer seasons is like a miserable pain. So, to live happily even in the hot summers, most people prefer to have a good air conditioning system at their place.

If you are having an air conditioning system at your place, then make sure it is working smoothly before the summer season actually hit your city. By checking in advance, you can get an air conditioning repair done by the expert technician prior in advance in case if it is required. You do not need to bear the summer heat or pay an extra amount of money to get the required air conditioning repair services. Remember that repairing the modern cooling device can be tough as compared to the older model. You may be planning to fix your air condition system of your own to save your time and money.

You first need to understand how an air condition works and other basic information before actually experimenting with your system. However, it is always suggested to ask the professional technician for the required air conditioning repair services. Here is the list of some of the most common issues with the central air conditioning system.

Air Conditioner Would Not Turn On:
If your AC would not turn on after pressing the Start switch, then the chances are there can be a problem with a circuit breaker or a faulty fuse. First, check this, if nothing is wrong with this, then you need to check some internal features like wrong reading of a thermostat or fault in any internal switch.

Not Cooling the Room Effectively:
If you feel that your AC is not effectively cooling your home or office, then it is one of the major issues. In this case, there can be a problem with the cooling ducts or the air filter.

Apart from these, if you have another fault in your device, then instead of taking risks with your life, it is good to take the services of experienced and qualified technicians. They hold expertise in this domain and can offer the safest solutions for all the issues.

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Aircon Services During The Holiday Period

Aircon services can include anything that involves installing, maintaining or fixing your air conditioning system. There are many aircon servicing companies in operation around the country, so most people have no problem finding someone to come in and service their system on holiday. The problem is most people don't know what they should be doing to make sure they get the absolute most out of their Aircon Services during these holiday moment.

Ask Questions & Learn
The biggest problem for most homeowners is they know absolutely nothing about aircon servicing. They call in the professionals and just assume that whatever needs to be taken care of is taken care of. They don't bother to ask any questions because they simply don't know what to ask and perhaps are too busy with other things they consider to be more important.

If this sounds like you, then it's time to start learning and asking questions. If you know what is going on with your air conditioning system, it is much easier to communicate with an aircon services provider and make sure that your system is being properly cared for.

How will you know if corners are being cut in your aircon servicing if you have no idea on what to do with your system or why?

Hire Only the Best
The best companies offering air con services will hire licensed, professional technicians with years of experience or extensive education in the field. Some workers may have learned on the job, but they are now working with years of knowledge under their belt which equals out to a solid education.

If you have a feeling a company is not very knowledgeable about your system or they can't answer your questions with satisfying answers, read the signs and turn to a more knowledgeable service.

When you hire the second best, you are going to get second best service. Make sure you are dealing with reputable air con services so you can trust them to do the right thing for your system.

Know the Correlation: Servicing vs. Fixing.
You can't assume that keeping the number to local aircon services in case of an emergency is all your system needs. There is a huge contradiction between air con servicing and air con fixing. Servicing comes on a routine basis to prevent the need for fixing. Fixing is taking care of problems and breakdowns after they occur.

You will only get the most out of your hired aircon services once you are having the system service don a routine basis plus keeping your eye out for potential problems. You only need one yearly scheduled appointment for aircon servicing, but you may need to call your professionals back in case of a problem between servicing.

Consistency Counts.
The body of the best ways to make the act works as being a new machine is as simple as servicing the environment conditioning. Why pay money for the power bills whenever your air conditioning isn't cool enough. You just need to service and repair your air conditioner to resolve the problem.

The unit coils should be cleaned, lubricating the fan motors, adjustments of belts, scrutinizing the compressor. These represent the various components that should be cleaned and repaired, so the air conditioner is effective.

Start getting a company with an expert service that you would need. Firstly, you need to consider and compare the price before hiring an aura conditioning company. Often a new service company might lack skill rival older companies.

The best way to achieve this is to service your air conditioning unit on the regularly using a professional and trained professional. You will find different types of air conditioners that you might consider with each featuring its requirements for maintenance and servicing on a regular basis. Normal cleaning servicing should be done A few months a period, and chemical cleaning should be done a minimum of 12 months a period. Whether you are utilizing a wall mounted air conditioner or a ceiling unit, you will get help with the constant maintenance and servicing of your unit so that it will run properly and safely throughout.

Before your air conditioning unit’s problem gets worst, you should service it. You have to maintain and repair your air conditioning unit regularly over time to avoid breakdowns as well as other problems with time. You're usually concerned regarding the warranty period after servicing the environment conditioner.

Start getting a company with professional service that you would need. Firstly, you need to consider and compare the cost before engaging an air conditioning company. A brand new company might lack experience rival those firms that's been around for some time.

You should look for a qualified and professional as servicing company. Hire a company who'll make time to pay attention to your wants as well as and help you find a strategy to solve your air con problem.

Is best you go to Google or Some other website and do research for Aircon Service Company. Feedback forum also will help you on deciding on which company you engage, so you won't get cheated over the services and money you have spent on.

Start finding a company with professional service that you would need. Firstly, you need to consider and compare the price before hiring an air conditioning service company. Usually, a new service company might lack experience compare to older companies.

The way to achieve this is to service your air conditioning unit on a regularly with the assistance of a qualified and trained professional. There are different types of air conditioning units that you may consider, and each has its requirements for maintenance and servicing on a regular basis. Normal cleaning servicing should be done three months’ time, and chemical cleaning should be done at least one year time. Whether you are using a wall mounted air conditioning unit or a ceiling unit, you can get help with the maintenance and servicing of your unit so that it will run properly and safely throughout.

Before your air con unit’s problem gets worst, you should service it. You should maintain and service your air con unit regularly over time to prevent breakdowns and other problems over time. You are usually concerned regarding the warranty period after servicing the air

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The Beginner's Guide On Aircon Installation

Air Conditioner Basics You Ought To Know: Professional Knowledge Translated into Easy Terms

Your air conditioning unit is actually designed in automatically removing any unwanted heat on a particular room or hall. Understanding the basic workings of an air conditioning unit will help you in dealing with it efficiently. If you are efficient in using all of your appliances, a lot of your hard earned money can be saved not just by the usage but also for repairs and maintenance.

There are so many different types of air conditioning units. They are the geothermal window units, the ductless mini-split systems, portable air conditioners, ptac, and swamp or evaporative coolers.

For now, let us take a brief look on the basic ducted air con split system. This type of system makes use of a condensing unit, an evaporator coil and refrigerant lines. They are the ones responsible for making sure that the control system and the fan works well with the unit’s furnace air handler. These are basically the ones that make up an air conditioning unit that is much capable in cooling an entire house or office, depending on the size.

A Checklist in Ensuring that You Get a Quality Job for Your Air Conditioner Installation

Every installation job of an air conditioning unit is different from one another due to a lot of circumstances. If you use the tips we have compiled for you below, you will be guaranteed that you will surely feel confident on the installation job you have asked and paid for.

It is actually a good idea to have the potential installer walk you around the ways on getting the job done. This should be done with a company representative around so if there are issues that will arise, it can be resolved then and there. There are unit manufacturers that would require an installation company to make the payments for the repair labor but only within a few months after the installation.

We have listed down the top twelve things you have to do in order to ensure that you are getting a quality installation job.

Once you are talking through with the technician regarding the air conditioner installation, pin point the things that we will mention below to him or her and you will surely be satisfied with the installation process.

A Checklist on the Installation of Air Conditioning Units

Number One:
Your outdoor unit has to be level. Making sure that the unit is level is actually very crucial in the proper distribution of oil which is the one responsible in lubricating the compressor.

The outdoor unit has to have a protective pad right under it and it has to be made of concrete or hardened plastic. This is important in making sure that the unit has a solid base.

Your outdoor unit has to be at least about a foot away from your house. If you ensure this, the condensing unit will be assisted in performing the proper air circulation. Without a proper airflow, your air conditioning unit will have a higher operating pressure which would use more electricity. In turn, you will have to pay more for your electric bill and it is also one factor that hastens the wear and tear of your air conditioning unit.

There has to be a refrigerant drier or filter in your air conditioning system. A filter or drier looks like a metal can that is surrounding a much smaller refrigerant line. Check if you have it on the back portion of your unit. If you notice that you do not have the jagged lines, you can check on the inside of your air conditioning unit because there are many brands now that placed and built them in the interior.

This is very crucial in ensuring that your unit wont get any moisture especially on the refrigerant system. The combination of moisture, the elevated temperatures and the refrigerant can actually produce an acid! This will then cause leaks all over the system which would cost so much money for the repairs and labor.

There has to be a wire for the electrical disconnection just within three feet of your outdoor unit. You have to ensure that this is followed because this is considered as a safety requirement for all of the maintenance, repairs and emergency situations. Most building codes require such, whether it is commercial or residential.

There has to be no trash or scraps left laying around the floor from the installation. You can tell that you are getting a sub-standard installation job if there are scraps left in the area because he or she is not paying attention even to the minutest things.

Your outdoor unit’s large copper line that runs to the indoor unit has to be properly insulated. Check if there are any tears or tampering on the foam insulation. If you want to maintain the efficiency and the proper operation of the unit’s compressor, make sure there are no holes in it.

The copper lines has to be supported for every three to four feet and there has to be no sagging along the lines. If there is a sagging line, it will cause the oil to be trapped inside which is very much needed in lubricating the compressor. Your air conditioning unit will fail over time if its compressor does not get the sufficient oil it requires.

The copper lines has to be cut only on its required length and if possible, kept as short as possible.

Usually, the copper lines are of the same size with the connections used within the air conditioning unit. If you found out that it is done otherwise, ask for the reason to help you understand and clarify the situation.

Both of the connections for the emergency and main drains to the indoor coil has to be properly connected to its suitable drain.

Lastly, Run the whole system through its complete cycle for cooling. This is to ensure that everything works perfectly fine. Along this time, it would also be a good idea to check if there is a possible temperature drop on the evaporator coil. You can do so by measuring the air’s temperature on the main duct supply and then subtracting it to the temperature of the air that enters the air handler or furnace. If you have a modern and highly efficient air conditioning unit, it should have a temperature of around twelve to fourteen degrees.

Make sure your air conditioner installation can pass through all twelve check points. If it does, you can be confident that your air conditioning system operates effectively and efficiently and that it would last a fair or good amount of time.

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VRV System Repair Tips

Air conditioning systems in a household is essential as it provides you with an indoor comfort zone. This is suitable for people who live in industrialized countries such as Singapore. The best air conditioning system is called VRV. The air conditioning system provides air circulation in each room individually. Hence, it is ideal for a typical building. The air conditioning system mentioned above can only be acquired when you look for the best company which provides the service. An outstanding company is found in Singapore. This is where you will obtain: installation, repair and maintenance of air conditioning system. As a result, you will enjoy clean and fresh air.

Reasons why you need to select the best company in Singapore for the VRV system

· The company deals with different brands 
The main reason why you should invest in the company is the fact that it is a one stop shopping system with different types of brands of air-con units. In addition to that, the technicians of the company understand the changes in the customer’s taste and preference which are based on the upcoming technologies. The company also develops air -con with innovative features such as humidity control. Moreover, they stock brands which boost the products to top notch.

· The pricing is fair 
The cost is a significant factor which should be considered when dealing with air conditioning firms. This is because homes should have a unit of air conditioning services. Owing to the increase in demands of the air-c on, there are various companies which offer the services. However, they are charging customers higher prices yet they don’t deliver quality products. Fortunately, the best company in Singapore offers standardized services with a fair price.

· It is reliable 
Most of the people don’t like a company which can keep an individual waiting for a long time. On the contrary, the best company in Singapore avails their staff to serve you for 24 hours. Incase there is an emergency, you needn’t to hesitate to call them and you will be attended. This is possible because the firm has many technicians who are ready to assist you. Apart from that, there is continuous training offered to the technicians. Hence, it will keep them updated on the technological trends concerning the installation, repair and maintenance of the VRV system.
Incase of any eventualities, there is no need to worry as the company is insured. Therefore, you need to rely on the firm for both regular maintenance as well as installation of the air conditioner.

· You will obtain the outcomes faster 
If you want to finish an air-conditioning service, get in touch with the most reputable firm. In fact, you don’t need to wait on the queue with your repair conditioning unit. For all the busy people in Singapore, get assured that the company provides high quality services.

· The services is guaranteed 
This is another significant factor for hiring a reputable company in Singapore. The firm provides servicers which are guaranteed. The warranty will protect: the assets, family members and even protect you.

· The system used for booking 
Another feature which the servicing company has is a clear booking system. For booking the appointments for the day, booking system is used. This will enable individuals to book for appointment when they require to be attended by the professionals.

· Excellent professionalism and quality 
The skilled staff and experts whom the best company in Singapore has will be able to answer all the questions which you might be having satisfactorily. When things are done on the right way, it will save you the hassles of contacting an armature later after completion of the job. On the other hand, shoddy and incomplete work will not only drain your finances but also takes a lot of time. Professionalism which the company exhibits is backed up by the vast experience. Moreover, the firm has Singapore license. Another reason which has made the company outstanding is the fact that they employ certified staff.

· The customer service is friendly 
The best air conditioning in Singapore has the most friendly customer service with representatives who are professionals. The duty of the representatives is to assist you in finding the right option for yourself. Some of the air-conditioning companies which are reputable offers training to the representatives of the customers. The skills which they need to have include: good relationship and communication skills.

How to choose the right air-conditioning company

It is an important consideration to cool your house. By doing that, a lot of money will be saved. Before making the right choice of air conditioning, you need to consult people whom you trust on ways of getting a reliable air-condition company. By doing so, you will be in a position of benefiting from their experiences.

Another method of identifying the best company is by visiting their websites. When you research on a company, you need to check whether the firm which you want to hire is the best. Learn about how many years of experience they have. One of major things which you have to know is that the choices which you will make about the maintenance of your residential place are of great significance.

Moreover, the comfort of heating and cooling systems offered by the air conditioning machines is beneficial. What will cost you more money is the cost of buying a new system. Purchasing new equipment is expensive as compared to maintenance of the existing air conditioners. In your home a time will come when you need to upgrade heating and cooling systems. Thus, ensure that you repair the equipment when they are not in good condition. You will also save a lot of money when you rely on the best company in Singapore.


It is important to choose the best company in Singapore to provide the air-conditioning services for you. As mentioned above, you will benefit from: numerous brands, reliable services, fair pricing as well as wide range of services. Therefore, you should choose the firm for the air-condition services and you will never regret on the results which you will receive from the clients.

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Installing Daikin NX Series

While installing Daikin NX series air conditioning unit in Singapore you must be familiar to it to some extent. Brief information provided in this write-up will help to know about your air conditioning system so that you can take a decision to install a better device for cooling your home.

The air conditioners of these series are multi-split air conditioners which allow you to cool or heat 2-5 rooms of your home more efficiently by connecting up to five indoor units, one for each room, to one outdoor unit. The indoor units can be controlled individually to make it easy for the inhabitants to save the cost of running air conditioner along with enjoying the comfort without disturbing others. Daikin Multi-Split Air Conditioners of NX series are available in two models, cooling only model and reverse cycle or heating and cooling model. You can choose from these models as per your needs.

The indoor units offered in this series make you home more stylish and comfortable. They can be installed separately in each room including living room, bed rooms and study and can be controlled separately without obstructing other privacy. They are available various models from which you can choose according to the decor and style of your room to match with your personality. Moreover the installation of single outdoor unit saves lots of space which you can use for more important purposes.

The air conditioners of Daikin NX series are considered to be ideal for every user in Singapore as it indoor units allow every individual to enjoy its comfort as per his/her preferences as they can be controlled individually. The company has optimised personal comfort by reducing the consumption of energy by using DC inverter technology in them. Moreover all the models of Daikin NX series have earned the energy label valid for all household electric appliances in Singapore.

Benefits of Daikin NX series

There are a number of benefits of installing the series in Singapore like:

- The air conditioners of Daikin NX series are the best for cooling and heating 2-5 rooms separately at a time

- They are ideal air conditioners for the houses with limited space as they do not need space for

- The temperature of each room can be controlled separately with obstructing others comfort.

- You can choose the model of the indoor units of your air conditioner as per the decor and style of your room instead of home as they are available in various models

- The multi-split air conditioning system offered by it enables you to control your power consumption and cost of running by adjusting the temperature of individual room separately as per requirement or by turning it off when not needed.

Features of this air conditioners

Auto-adjustable fan speed: the speed of the fan in the indoor unit of Daikin multi-split air conditioner can be controlled automatically to adjust the temperature of the room at the set level through the micro-processors used in it.

Self diagnosis: Each indoor unit of Daikin multi-split AC has a malfunctioning code shown on the digital display of its remote controller unit to diagnose and maintain any fault itself easily and quickly.

Programmed dry function: this air conditioning system allows your room to get rid of the humidity by adjusting room temperature to the best possible level. It automatically controls the rate of flow of air and the temperature of the room by switching automatically into cooling or heating mode as per the requirement of temperature in the room

Auto restart: The settings of the memories of this air conditioner for airflow, temperature and mode can be restored automatically after power failure, when the power is restored.

Swing compressor: Daikin NX series air conditioner provides efficient and quiet operation with the help of its swing compressor which prevents leakage of refrigerant gas along with vibration and friction during operation.

Reluctance DC motor: the reluctance DC motor provided in this air conditioner for its compressor runs on two types of torque, reluctance torque and neodymium magnet to save more energy by generating more power than conventional DC motors used in ACs.

Quiet operation of indoor units: Daikin assures quiet operation of indoor units through their sound level of 22 db which is essential for the personal comfort.

Powerful inverter operation: The inverter powerful Operation of Daikin NX series improves its cooling performance for a period of 20 minutes conveniently at both times, while changing its temperature level during operation as well as while turning on your air conditioner initially.

Intelligent eye: The multi-split air conditioners of Daikin have an intelligent eye that judge human movement in the room to control the operation of the aircon. It saves energy when there is no movement in the room by adjusting the room temperature by 2 degree Celsius.

Econo mode: Daikin has provided this feature in its NX series air conditioners to reduce the maximum level of power consumption and running current to the rated value of their outdoor units. This mode also helps in reducing the overloading of circuit breakers caused by the operation of multiple electrical devices like indoor units in this case. You can easily activate this mode just by pressing its related button on your remote controller.

Backlit wireless remote controller: Daikin has provided backlit remote controller with liquid crystal display with all of its multi-split ACs. These remote controllers have four luminescent buttons to control major features of your AC. They also have a built-in time clock that can be programmed every week for four actions per day as per your needs. You can program not only the on/off time of your AC but the level of temperature also with this advance controller system. Any daily program can be replicated for any other day by using its copy function. Other functions of this remote controller include weekly timer, 24 hour timer, self diagnosis with digital display, night set mode, econo mode, lamp brightness setting and comfortable mode.

Thus by knowing about the Daikin multi-split air conditioner you can easily make a right decision for installing Daikin NX series aircon at your home in Singapore.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

What Is The Best Temperature For Air Conditioner In Singapore

Room temperature can affect your productivity. So, an ideal temperature can contribute to higher productivity. However, how to determine the ideal temperature? It can vary from person to person. Various studies show that temperature of 25 degrees Celsius or above can reduce productivity. Therefore, some offices set temperature below 22.8 degree Celsius. Appropriate temperature is also essential to prevent computers and servers from overheating. But, if the temperature is too low, it can shorten the lifespan of the aircon.

Best Temperature for Air-con

The temperature in Singapore is hot most of the time. But, most residents fail to service their air cons on time. This is the best and simplest way to keep the machine in the best shape and avoid extra energy consumption. Tired compressors and clogged filters will make the entire system work harder to do the same job. If you do not get enough cold air in a room, obstructions should be removed before setting the air conditioner.

The size of air conditioner must be right for all rooms, which is essential to avoid under-working or over-working a unit. It is not good to use one Air con for the whole house. You should select one as per the thermostat because most units use same energy regardless of the size of the room. Automatic air conditioners are the most energy efficient devices because they can meet the changing needs of different times.

Purchasing the right air conditioner for your residence in Singapore is essential for finding the best temperature. Many experts advice homeowners to leave the slightest difference between interior and exterior temperature for less energy consumption. Conditions in Singapore are mostly hot and people prefer to spend lots of time on air con units.

Use Dry Mode

Air cons are highly convenient devices, especially during the time of high temperature. When it is cold, you can protect yourself by wearing as many warm clothes as possible. But, when temperature becomes unbearably high, you cannot do so much and removal of clothes has some limitations. A good air conditioning system is essential to keep the air cool in your home and office. However, most people do not know how to use an air conditioner.

Dry mode is different from cool mode. But, to some extent, you may not see any difference between both these terms. However, both of them are different. The dry mode is not a common feature of all air cons. It will be available in some varieties of window units and central air conditioning. Reducing humidity in a room is the major function of a dry mode. If the humidity in a room is high, it can increase the temperature. Dry mode can reduce the temperature in a room by reducing humidity. This function is highly effective during the time of humid season. During the rainy season, the temperature may not be hot enough to necessitate the need for cold air. However, the humidity may be high and irritating. So, dry mode is meant for removing all moisture in the room.

A temperature setting of below 25 degree Celsius or more is enough for making most homes cool and remove humidity. Most people in Singapore set the temperature between 20-22 degrees and sleep under thick cover. This is wastage of energy. You can save more than 15 percent and reduce the production of carbon dioxide if you set the temperature to natural room temperature.

Using evaporative coolers in high floor flats is essential for spraying a fine mist into the air. However, air humidity is very high in Singapore, so it may not be practical.

Some people do not use fans and complain that their air con system is not adequate to do the job. Fans help to reduce the temperature faster and to blow cold air to the other areas of house. If you use fan, you will feel few degrees colder.

Ways to Maintain Appropriate Temperature

You can avoid overworking of air con if you are able to maintain an appropriate temperature. If you are planning to purchase an air con unit, you must be aware of the device, which is suitable for your home. The spaces of some apartments in Singapore are very less. So, a small cooling unit is enough for cooling such homes. You need not purchase big units for small homes. There is no need to waste money if a window type is enough for cooling your rooms.

Some people have the habit of turning on the air con soon after they reach their home. They also set the temperature very low to cool the surroundings. Your machine needs to work hard to cool your room in such situations. You should reduce the temperature slowly, which is the right way protect the machine. If you have thermostat-operated AC unit, you can program to cool your home before you reach your home.

Your air con unit operates on sensors to attain temperature, so you have to adjust it. If the unit is placed near the window, directly within sun rays or near heat sources, it will detect the highest hot temperature at first and it uses more energy to cool the atmosphere. So, you should place the air con in a comfortable place.

Some owners forget to clean and maintain aircon filters regularly. Your air con must be serviced annually by professional technicians. Clean filter is essential to run the device more efficiently. Regular maintenance is essential to avoid lots of problems that can cause you huge money to repair.

Singapore is a very nice country and the environment is clean. But, it can be literally sweat because of the humid and hot weather the country experience most of the year. So, you must set the temperature rightly to get comfort in indoors. Air conditioners save your life from hot and humid temperature in Singapore. It is very difficult to stay indoors if the temperature is not comfortable. Setting the temperature around 24-25 degree Celsius is helpful for reducing electricity bill and stay comfortable at indoors. This is also helpful for reducing the production of carbon dioxide.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Unbiased Review On Dakin Aircon

Basically, Daikin aircon units are duct- free systems that comes with a variety of features to enable the quiet and highly efficient production of cool air. In this blog post, you are going to learn more about these air conditioners, their features, advantages and benefits of getting an air con unit from Daikin and a variety of other important aspects about this brand and its products. Read on to learn more.

There are a number of types of these air conditions, including:

1. The Split - Type Air Conditioner
Ceiling-, floor- or wall-mounted, the split – type air conditioner from Daikin are designed for single room application. They come with drying and humidifying capabilities. You can also get one with a photo catalytic air purification filter to clean air and get rid of odors, bacteria and viruses. If you need to remove additional contaminants, consider purchasing and using air purifying filters.

These units come with a DC motor for the fan, another for the compressor and a swing compressor. Therefore, you can be sure that they have strong energy performance.

Additionally, you also have the option of buying models that use remotely controlled �econo’ modes and pulse amplitude modulation controls for greater energy savings. Most people prefer the Daikin split type aircon systems because they can minimize sound production and come with 5 step fans to give you greater operational control over the sound.

2. Multi-Split Type Daikin Air Conditioners
The aircon systems from Daikin can be used in up to 8 rooms with a single unit. They come with optional 5 – room centralized controllers. Therefore, you should be able to set the operation of each unit from one location and activate it individually.

Similarly, the multi-type air conditioner from Daikin has a reluctance DC motor and a DC inverter to improve efficiency. These motors enable the units to reach SEERs of up to 19.5. To this end, the systems will reach the desired temperature levels quickly. After that, you can monitor the unit for constant comfort.

Additional features include high- thrust mechanisms, sound reduction measures (including the Night Quiet mode), and anti- rust materials to protect the heat exchanger installed on the outdoor unit.

Maintenance and Care of Daikin AirCon Systems 
Even though Daikin air conditioners are affordable, you still need to take good care of them to ensure longevity and smoother operation. First, you should always change the filter on a regular basis. Where possible, schedule maintenance with authorized Daikin dealers to ensure that the system continues performing at the highest levels.

Warranties for Daikin air conditioners vary, depending on the individual product you bought. Still, most of these air conditioners from Daikin fall under the 7-year warranty (on the compressor), and a 5-year warranty (for individual parts). When you buy your air conditioner, consider purchasing the Warranty Plus’ to get additional coverage on labor and (depending on the type of Daikin aircon you bought) on compressors and parts for between 5 to 10 years.

Why Invest in a Daikin Aircon?

People buy the Daikin air conditioner for a variety of reasons. Read on to learn why you should consider getting one of these high quality systems for home or office use:

a) Efficiency and Durability
Singapore has varying weather – sometimes it gets cold and at other times, it is too hot. Therefore, you need a good and durable AC unit to protect yourself, your family, your employees and anyone else who walks into your home or office. Investing in Daikin AC units means that you will no longer have to worry about changes in temperature any more. After the Daikin dealer delivers and installs the system, your home, office or building will have excellent air conditioning for a long time to come. However, you need to schedule regular maintenance to ensure you continue the benefits that this aircon system delivers.

b) Reduce Temperature and Humidity
The power- flow dual flaps on the Daikin air conditioner flatten out during cooling operations. Therefore, cool air will be delivered to the corners of your rooms. Additionally, Daikin aircons come with wide angle louvers to keep your rooms cool, irrespective of where you place your unit. In the same way, the vertical auto swing on these ACs keeps the power flow dual flaps moving down and up.

Consequently, Daikin makes products that differ from those manufactured by its competitors in many ways. For instance, it provides functions that you can use to reduce the humidity in your rooms – not just the temperature. To do this, use the Programme Dry Function to maintain room temperature at your desired levels while removing the humidity.

c) Automated Operation
Daikin air conditioning units run automatically. For starters, the fan will automatically control its own speed so that your rooms’ temperature get to the desired and designed levels. Similarly, you get automatic timers on each unit. The timer will switch your AC on and off (as desired) within 24-hour periods.

You can also use the Night Set Mode, one of the unique and convenient features on Daikin products. By pressing the OFF button, you automatically select the night mode, especially when the temperature increases before the system completely shuts down. Anyway, before you grasp how the automatic features work, you can use the wireless remote controller (which works separately from the switch unit) on your model.

Daikin also manufactures ACs with self- diagnostic operation functions. This will alert you through the digital display or the wireless remote on the model in case the system requires maintenance and/ or troubleshooting.

d) Sleek Looks
The exterior design of the typical Daikin air conditioner is chic. Therefore, it should look chic, whether you choose to install it in your living room, bedroom, and corridor or corner office. It also comes with flat-designed panels, meaning that you will have an easy time cleaning and routinely maintaining it. Apart from the above, you also get an anti- corrosion body that is brilliantly designed to make your AC unit look new, even after years of use.

In conclusion, the air conditioners supplied by Daikin consist of outdoor units, indoor units and remote controllers. Your installation kit should come with drain pipes, installation pipes, copper pipes and power cables that you can plug point from the indoor unit and back to the outdoor unit. To ensure you have no more worries about temperature or humidity, consider getting the Daikin air conditioner of your choice today.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Why Choose Us to Install Daikin Aircon in Singapore?

When you are looking for the best aircon that is suitable and also good for your property, you need to consider using Daikin aircon as your favorite product. There are many types of products that you can find from this brand. This brand is very well-known for its high quality air conditioners that come with many useful benefits for all customers. When you want to install high quality air conditioners from this brand, you can contact our company Aircon Servicing Singapore now. Here are some good reasons why you choose us to install your favorite air conditioner in Singapore nowadays.

1. Professional experts
We always want to provide high quality service for our customers nowadays. Therefore, we don't want to choose our workers carelessly. There are some professional experts who are working with our company. They have a lot of great knowledge and also skills, so they are ready to install your favorite Daikin air conditioner in your property quickly. You should be able to rely on their expertise and experience, so you should never have to regret on their service quality. Don't forget to discuss with our experts, in order to learn about how you can install your favorite air conditioner properly.

2. Reputable company
This is another good reason why you choose our company for supporting your own needs. Our company receives many good testimonials and also reviews from other customers. These good reviews can show the overall good reputation from our company. This good reputation can show the overall quality from our company. You will never have to deal with any low quality services, especially when you select our company as your favorite aircon installation company. You can read many good reviews on any resources, such as social media sites, search engines, business directories, and many other popular resources now.

3. Affordable rate
We understand that many customers have difficulties in getting enough money, especially when they want to install high quality air conditioners for their properties. We are ready to provide high quality Daikin air conditioners at very affordable price. We purchase any air conditioners from Daikin companies directly. Therefore, we are able to get high quality air conditioners without charging expensive rat for all customers. Therefore, our company can be a great solution for you who want to get high quality air conditioners at very affordable price. We can also provide some additional discounts for our customers who purchase any products from our company now.

4. Quick installation process
This is another great reason why you have to install your favorite air conditioner with our company. We are happy to provide quick installation process for all customers. You don't need to spend a lot of time for installing high quality air conditioner in your property. In most cases, our experts are ready to install any air conditioners in a few hours. Therefore, our aircon installation service can be suitable for any people who are busy with their own daily activities. We understand that quick installation process can attract many customers in Singapore.

5. Experienced company
It is one of the most important benefits that you can get from our aircon installation company. When you want to install high quality Daikin air conditioner, you should choose our company now. We have a lot of experience in dealing with any customers nowadays. Therefore, you should be able to get the best service quality from our aircon installation company now. Our experience can help our experts do the best service for all customers. You should never worry about the quality of our professional company. If you are looking for the best aircon installation service company for yourself, you can take a look at our company.

6. Guaranteed service
This is another good reason why many people choose our aircon installation company now. We want to provide guaranteed service for all customers. We provide this warranty, in order to protect all customers' needs now. We don't want to make any customers feel unhappy with our service quality. Our warranty is able to cover any damages or unwanted costs that are caused by our service. This warranty is very useful to help you get the best service quality from our company now. Our aircon installation company can help you get the best air conditioner service from our company.

7. Official Daikin's partner
We are happy to announce that our company can be considered as one of the leading official Daikin's partner in Singapore. Therefore, our company is licensed to install any types of Daikin air conditioners in your property. Our experts and technicians also have several training sessions from Daikin, in order to improve their skills and knowledge significantly. You should never regret on your choice, especially when you choose our company as your favorite air conditioner installation company in Singapore nowadays. We have direct connection to the Daikin company, so we can consult about any problems from Daikin air conditioners.

8. Flexible schedule
This is another good benefit that you should enjoy from our company. We are happy to provide flexible schedule for all customers. All busy people in Singapore can choose the best schedule that can meet their needs. When you want to select the right installation schedule, you can contact our company now. Our professional customer representatives are ready to help you find the right schedule for installing your favorite Daikin air conditioner now. It means that you can choose the best time when you want to install your air conditioner in your property.

There are many other good advantages that you can get from our company. It is the best time for you to select our company, especially when you want to install the best air conditioners in your property. We have several Daikin air conditioner units that are available for all customers. You can choose one of the most popular air conditioners from Daikin now. Our customer representatives are ready to help you find the best products that are suitable for your own needs today. Contact our company for asking about anything, so you can choose the best service for your needs.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Do I Need To Apply Permit For Condo Aircon Servicing?

No! You don’t need to worry about applying for one when servicing your air conditioner. However, any homeowner of a resale or a new flat should have the HDB permit when changing/installing an airconditioning unit. The first step in obtaining the permit involves checking the electrical loading of your block through HDB Info-WEB or by calling them. If your block hasn’t been supplied with high electrical loading (which means that your main switch is about 30Amps), HDB will inform you on whether you need a permit.

Generally, you will need a permit if you're planing to install an air conditioner unit using new 15Amps power-point/a 20 Amps isolator. The online application takes around 5-10 minutes. On the other hand, you won’t need a permit when using an existing approved 15 Amps power-point/a 20 Amps isolator offered by HDB or your previous flat owner.

If the HDB flat was upgraded under Main Upgrading Program (MUP) or the Home Improvement Program (HIP) or completed before 1994, you won’t need a HDB permit. Furthermore, you won’t require the permit if HDB has equipped your flat with a 40Amp main switch that represents the higher electrical loading. HDB does not require you to apply for the permit when installing or maintaining higher capacity appliances or equipments which typically include an air conditioner. However, you should ensure that a 15 Amps power-point or 20 Amps isolator restricts the air conditioner’s running current.

However, you only rely on BCA trained air conditioner installers and therefore you have to check before beginning the installation process. Moreover, you have to submit installation report to HDB branch managing the flat within 14 days after the air conditioner installation process. Possibly, the contractor will submit it for you on your behalf.

And since there is no need of applying for a permit when installing an air conditioner in blocks with 40 Amps power supply, it doesn’t mean that the owner can put up any number of air conditioners. They must comply with all guidelines governing installation of air-conditioners which mostly include the approved location guidelines. Furthermore, the owner has to rely on guidance from HDB during the installation.

HDB holds the owner as responsible for proper installation and the stability of an air-conditioner – casement, window or split units – within the flat. The other HDB requirements that the owner should fulfill include:

• Installing the air conditioner’s condensing unit at a location approved by the HDB.

• The installation method should be in accordance with the HDB’s guidelines. HDB strictly prohibits hacking holes through beams, reinforced concrete walls or columns of a condo.

• The BCA skilled airconditioner installer should insulate all joints and pipes particularly at the side of your condensing unit to prevent water or dripping and condensation.

• You should also properly discharge water from your aircon into the flat’s internal floor trap and the discharge pipes should not run along your flat’s external wall.

• Anytime you install new reposition or power point on your existing air-conditioner’s power point you should engage Energy Market Authority (EMA) licensed electrical contractors to do the work. SP Services Ltd (SPSL) should also test the electrical extension.

• You should maintain the condenser of your air conditioner at all times to prevent inconveniences to your neighbor(s).

Why aircon servicing is important in Singapore

Air conditioners maintain the temperature in your home at comfortable levels and also help you in removing humidity and filtering out any impurities from the air you breathe. The appliance does a lot for you but you must also play your part by ensuring that it remains in the right condition. You should do this by scheduling annual conditioning service.

Earlier maintenance assists you in identifying any small problems before they get out of your control and this will save your money. Replacing or fixing a small problem is cheaper than doing a major overhaul simply because you waited for a long time to address the problem. By service checking your appliance on an annual basis you will be able to maintain it running on its peak performance particularly when the temperatures are very high. Yearly maintenance will also help you expand the life of your air con system and also reduce your monthly energy bills.

In addition to reducing maintenance costs and assisting you in avoiding large problems, annual servicing will assist the system run cleaner. This is important primary because without a properly running system the humidity levels, the quality of air and the general comfort of your home will be compromised.

During the annual air conditioning, you should call a certified air con technician to review your system’s entirety from ductwork to filters. The technician may also check for excessive wear or damage to component, clean them and also check various parts of the equipment.

Some important maintenance checks a technician should perform include:

• Cleaning the evaporator and the condenser air-conditioning coils. A dirty coil may reduce your systems cooling ability and also cause it to run for a longer time than needed.

• Cleaning and adjusting the blower components to allow proper system airflow for higher comforts levels.

• Checking the aluminum fins on rear part of your unit. Mostly the fins can get bent or crushed after an object touches them. This may reduce the efficiency of the unit.

After thorough tune up, the technician will recommend a course of action in addressing any problems. This may include ductwork thorough cleaning, changing filters or any other necessary maintenance. The technician should also advice you on some other steps to take in between the service calls and the most ideal time to schedule your next call.

By servicing your air conditioner regularly you will be able to prolong its life. To maintain your system in optimal performance, a technician will recommend various steps that you can take on your own in between the service checks to prolong the life of your unit with more than 20%.

Annual servicing is also important in protecting the warranty of your system. If any major problem arises with the system during the warranty phase, your claim may be rejected if you do not provide a clear documentation of your regular maintenance.

And with all this reasons, there is no better time than now to make a schedule of annual air con servicing. It will provide you with the comfort you need during the hot months and also prolong the life of your system while reducing your energy bills.

Monday, 15 February 2016

Pros & Cons On Programmable Thermostat In Aircon

There are different types of air conditioners in the market and finding one that suites your needs should never be an overwhelming task. However, this very reason calls for keen review of available offers to avoid cheap quality brands and aircons that will break down too soon. Different aircons come with different sets of features and while some are simple elements added to increase aesthetic view and convenience, others are high end technologies that enhance efficiency while reducing energy consumption. A programmable thermostat is one such integrations that you will find in any modern air conditioner. The ability to program your aircon’s thermostat has various benefits and conveniences as well as concerns. Here is a detailed look at the pros and cons of programmable thermostats in aircons:

The pros (benefits and advantages)

The advantages of programmable thermostats in air conditioners are quite obvious and straightforward. Like the name suggests, programmable thermostats allow users to set the time when the aircon should start. It means you can schedule heating or cooling to start even without your presence. The advantages of this feature will depend on your unique requirements and schedules.

Clearly, the greatest benefit of programmable thermostat is reducing energy bills and achieving gas economy. A programmable thermostat gives you the ability to set the air conditioner to heat or cool your space at different times of the day. For instance, you can set the aircon to heat the room before you wake up or a few minutes before you leave for home. Some of the crystal benefits of such smart aircon thermostats include the following;

• Reduction in energy consumption – This is the main reason programmable thermostat aircons are designed. It helps you adjust your energy expenditure and gives you the comfortable cooling or heating only when needed. Using such aircons will help you save more money. It also makes using smart devices at home quite easy.

• Automatic adjustments – The ability to make automatic adjustments is something that everyone would like in any air conditioner. Programmable thermostats allow you to schedule automatic heating or cooling to coincide with when you get home. It is also ideal for businesses. If you open your business by 7am when employees begin to arrive at the workplace, you can set the thermostat to start heating your rooms at 6am or 6:30am. This setting causes automatic adjustments and you can also set the pause and restart times according to your requirements.

• Family and guest comfort – Imagine picking up a family member or guest and taking them to your home in the middle of the day when it is hot and scorching. If you were informed of this pick up before you left home, you can simply set the thermostat to start cooling a few minutes early so that the house can be cool and comfortable by the time you arrive. If it was a cold day, you can set the thermostat for heating.

• Remote control - There are other high end designs that allow remote control which means you can set the aircon to start heating or cooling without being physically present at home. These are smart designs ideal when you want to react to urgent needs. Going with the above example, if you were informed to pick a guest after you had left for work, then the remote control models would still allow you to start cooling or heating. These are the most energy efficient models since they incorporate another level of flexibility. It means you can stop the thermostat from heating or cooling if you have to stay away much longer for any reason.

Other benefits of such thermostats include integration of other technologies as they can be used to detect infringements. There are apps that can display the energy consumption graphs after syncing with your thermostat and these displays can be used to identify anomalies.

Cons of programmable thermostats

Despite the various attractive benefits of programmable thermostats, they are not suitable for everyone. If you have a work from home enterprise for example, such thermostats would not be overly helpful since you can easily start or turn off your aircon when the need arises. Considering that effectively programming your thermostat is barely possible and the extra expense of installing systems that are compatible with your HVAC systems, you are probably better off with the conventional manually setting aircons. Some of the disadvantages of programmable thermostat aircons include;

• High initial cost – if you are going for smart technology, efficient systems and all the conveniences mentioned, you will definitely pay more. The programmable thermostats are usually very expensive (up to 40%) costlier than the conventional digital thermostats.

• Tech savvy set up – programmable thermostats are quite difficult to install and set up. It is time consuming to get your thermostat to work properly and adjust to the HVAC system. In fact it is almost impossible to achieve this without using professional services and this can be frustrating. Getting it right and installing these systems as required is usually complicated.

• They are not universal – this is another big concern about programmable thermostats. Most residential buildings and commercial outlets already have a HVAC system integrated into the building. The device you purchase will not necessarily be compatible with the HVAC you already have in your building. You must therefore spend time finding the precise model that will work effectively with the existing system.

There many other little concerning issues about programmable thermostats. Without insights on how to effectively use this high end technology, you may actually end up using more energy. Devices that are not compatible with your HVAC can also lead to inefficiencies.


When looking for programmable thermostat aircons, it is advisable to choose credible licensed distributors allowed to retail original quality products within the area. This will help you land genuine thermostats that are effective and efficient. Like many other products, there are some brands that are more reputable than others although they often come at a costlier price. The necessity for programmable thermostats really depends on your needs and existing HVAC system. Nonetheless, they are still high tech appliances that bring the conveniences of modern technology back home.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

How To Spring Clean Your Aircon For The CNY

Spring is a time that gives you a new hope and you prepare yourself for the upcoming CNY. This is also a time when you get into festival mood and you spend your time with your friends, family and loved ones. During the CNY a lot of guests can also come to your house and you would always want to give a comfortable and healthy environment to them. That is why before CNY, you may start the spring cleaning work and that is a good thing to do. In this spring cleaning work sometime people ignore the cleaning of their aircon and because of this mistake many people get old and rotten smell in their home. To avoid this error it is strongly recommended that you do spring cleaning of your aircon as well for the CNY along with cleaning of other things in your home.

But if you are unaware about how to spring clean your aircon for the CNY, then you don’t have to painc for that. We have few basic details or opinions that can certainly help you in this requirement with utmost simplicity. These are few things that you can follow for better spring cleaning of your aircon for the CNY.

Clean the filter: The air filter of your aircon is one of the most important and essential part of your aircon and you shall do the cleaning of this filter as well in spring cleaning work. Ideally, you will need to replace the filter instead of cleaning it because cleaning may not give optimum result to you and some dust and dirt particle may remain inside the old air filter. That minute deposition of dust might affect the performance of your aircon. At the other hand if you would replace the filter instead of cleaning it then you will not have this kind of worries in your mind. Also, replacing the filter will certainly take less time compared to cleaning. If you are doing spring cleaning work for CNY, then you may not have enough time in your hand and that is one more reason to replace the filter with a new one instead of cleaning it.

Clean the tray: Many time people ignore the cleaning of their aircon tray during spring cleaning for CNY. When you do the spring cleaning work, then you shall pay attention on the cleaning of your tray as well. Many time people ignore the cleaning of this collecting tray and over a period of time it starts giving a bad smell in your house. To clean the tray you can use some special cleaning agents that can remove all the deposition with ease. This precaution will help you have better experience in the cleaning part and you will be able to have good outcome in easy ways for your CNY spring cleaning.

Clean the pipe: This is another important thing that you need to do for spring cleaning of your home before the arrival of CNY. To clean the duct pipe of your airocn, you can use some special cleaning agents that can dissolve the clogging and deposition in your aircon. Cleaning of this pipe is really important because deposition of water becomes a nesting place for many microbes and those microbes gives really bad smell in your home. By cleaning this pipe you can get the best output and you will be able to have really good result as well with your spring cleaning work.

Clean the compressor: It is true that you cannot clean the compressor by yourself, and even an expert will never do that unless it is really necessary. But you can always do the external cleaning of your aircon compressor and this external cleaning will also give better result to you. If you notice there are some dirty stuff next to compressor of your aircon, then you shall include its cleaning in your spring cleaning work. I am suggesting this because if that stuff will start giving a bad smell then it will certainly give a bad smell in your home as well. Other than this, you can clean other deposition on your aircon compressor and you can have better cleaning for your CNY.

Clean it from inside: I am not asking you to rip the aircon apart and then clean it from inside, but you can just open the cover and you can check if there are any deposition of dust, dirt, mites and other small bugs in it. If you have not done the cleaning of your aircon since a while then I am sure you will see this kind of deposition in your aircon. You can get the information to open the cover from its manual and you can easily open the same using basic tools.

Call an expert: You can always to above things as your spring cleaning work and you can welcome your guest at CNY, but if you notice any kind of performance drop in your aircon, then you shall call an expert for same. An expert can identify the cause of performance drop and it can also help you get rid of the problems that you have in your aircon. In some cases, you may not be able to clean few part of your aircon and an expert can do that also for you in easy ways. So, I can say this is one of the most important things that you need to do in your aircon at the time of doing spring cleaning work for CNY.

In addition to this, it is also extremely important that you take all the necessary precaution while doing this cleaning work. That means you shall turn of the power and you should remove the power cord from socket. Also, when you touch anything for cleaning, then you need to use proper protective gears to avoid any kind of infection in it. Other than this you also need to choose the cleaning time wisely so you can get the best outcome with this spring cleaning work and you can welcome your guest on CNY in the best possible manner.