Monday, 14 March 2016

Do I Need To Apply Permit For Condo Aircon Servicing?

No! You don’t need to worry about applying for one when servicing your air conditioner. However, any homeowner of a resale or a new flat should have the HDB permit when changing/installing an airconditioning unit. The first step in obtaining the permit involves checking the electrical loading of your block through HDB Info-WEB or by calling them. If your block hasn’t been supplied with high electrical loading (which means that your main switch is about 30Amps), HDB will inform you on whether you need a permit.

Generally, you will need a permit if you're planing to install an air conditioner unit using new 15Amps power-point/a 20 Amps isolator. The online application takes around 5-10 minutes. On the other hand, you won’t need a permit when using an existing approved 15 Amps power-point/a 20 Amps isolator offered by HDB or your previous flat owner.

If the HDB flat was upgraded under Main Upgrading Program (MUP) or the Home Improvement Program (HIP) or completed before 1994, you won’t need a HDB permit. Furthermore, you won’t require the permit if HDB has equipped your flat with a 40Amp main switch that represents the higher electrical loading. HDB does not require you to apply for the permit when installing or maintaining higher capacity appliances or equipments which typically include an air conditioner. However, you should ensure that a 15 Amps power-point or 20 Amps isolator restricts the air conditioner’s running current.

However, you only rely on BCA trained air conditioner installers and therefore you have to check before beginning the installation process. Moreover, you have to submit installation report to HDB branch managing the flat within 14 days after the air conditioner installation process. Possibly, the contractor will submit it for you on your behalf.

And since there is no need of applying for a permit when installing an air conditioner in blocks with 40 Amps power supply, it doesn’t mean that the owner can put up any number of air conditioners. They must comply with all guidelines governing installation of air-conditioners which mostly include the approved location guidelines. Furthermore, the owner has to rely on guidance from HDB during the installation.

HDB holds the owner as responsible for proper installation and the stability of an air-conditioner – casement, window or split units – within the flat. The other HDB requirements that the owner should fulfill include:

• Installing the air conditioner’s condensing unit at a location approved by the HDB.

• The installation method should be in accordance with the HDB’s guidelines. HDB strictly prohibits hacking holes through beams, reinforced concrete walls or columns of a condo.

• The BCA skilled airconditioner installer should insulate all joints and pipes particularly at the side of your condensing unit to prevent water or dripping and condensation.

• You should also properly discharge water from your aircon into the flat’s internal floor trap and the discharge pipes should not run along your flat’s external wall.

• Anytime you install new reposition or power point on your existing air-conditioner’s power point you should engage Energy Market Authority (EMA) licensed electrical contractors to do the work. SP Services Ltd (SPSL) should also test the electrical extension.

• You should maintain the condenser of your air conditioner at all times to prevent inconveniences to your neighbor(s).

Why aircon servicing is important in Singapore

Air conditioners maintain the temperature in your home at comfortable levels and also help you in removing humidity and filtering out any impurities from the air you breathe. The appliance does a lot for you but you must also play your part by ensuring that it remains in the right condition. You should do this by scheduling annual conditioning service.

Earlier maintenance assists you in identifying any small problems before they get out of your control and this will save your money. Replacing or fixing a small problem is cheaper than doing a major overhaul simply because you waited for a long time to address the problem. By service checking your appliance on an annual basis you will be able to maintain it running on its peak performance particularly when the temperatures are very high. Yearly maintenance will also help you expand the life of your air con system and also reduce your monthly energy bills.

In addition to reducing maintenance costs and assisting you in avoiding large problems, annual servicing will assist the system run cleaner. This is important primary because without a properly running system the humidity levels, the quality of air and the general comfort of your home will be compromised.

During the annual air conditioning, you should call a certified air con technician to review your system’s entirety from ductwork to filters. The technician may also check for excessive wear or damage to component, clean them and also check various parts of the equipment.

Some important maintenance checks a technician should perform include:

• Cleaning the evaporator and the condenser air-conditioning coils. A dirty coil may reduce your systems cooling ability and also cause it to run for a longer time than needed.

• Cleaning and adjusting the blower components to allow proper system airflow for higher comforts levels.

• Checking the aluminum fins on rear part of your unit. Mostly the fins can get bent or crushed after an object touches them. This may reduce the efficiency of the unit.

After thorough tune up, the technician will recommend a course of action in addressing any problems. This may include ductwork thorough cleaning, changing filters or any other necessary maintenance. The technician should also advice you on some other steps to take in between the service calls and the most ideal time to schedule your next call.

By servicing your air conditioner regularly you will be able to prolong its life. To maintain your system in optimal performance, a technician will recommend various steps that you can take on your own in between the service checks to prolong the life of your unit with more than 20%.

Annual servicing is also important in protecting the warranty of your system. If any major problem arises with the system during the warranty phase, your claim may be rejected if you do not provide a clear documentation of your regular maintenance.

And with all this reasons, there is no better time than now to make a schedule of annual air con servicing. It will provide you with the comfort you need during the hot months and also prolong the life of your system while reducing your energy bills.