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Tips When Finding Reliable Aircon Servicing Company

For selecting the best service provider for air conditioner service you should consider a number of important aspects. Before the hot days of summer, it is must for all homeowners to hire the expertise of a well-equipped HVAC company for their specific demands. It may seem like a simple to do, but it does require some search from your end to find out what you are looking for. In this article, you would get some effective tips for finding reliable Aircon servicing company.

Ensure that the professional possesses all relevant state certifications and licenses.
Make sure that the company is a licensed distributor for the air conditioning units that they carry. Licensed distributors will be able to offer better warranty and are more trustworthy. If you want to choose a top service provider, then you should ensure that the professional possesses all relevant state certifications and licenses.

Check the experience held by the professional
The next thing that you need to be careful of is the experience held by the professional. Before you hire a technician to work on your unit, you want to make sure that they have sufficient amount of training and experience to deal with your equipment. Not all air conditioning units are the same, and in the same way, not all technicians are skilled in dealing with certain models.

Making sure your air conditioning unit is working is very important. This is because the last thing you want to see is your unit breaking down on a warm day and you have no contractor to look for. Therefore, it is important to always have a reliable air conditioning contractor ready for quick repairs or replacement.

Look at safety

A reliable air conditioning contractor will also ensure that any repair they do will be safe to you and your family. Sometimes when a repair is done by an amateur, it may be dangerous and costly. So it is extremely important to let a reliable contractor to do the repair for you. A reliable contractor will also give you a fair quotation on the service. Some unethical contractors will mark up the price when they know that you need their service urgently. To prevent this from happening, it is always safer to work with a contractor that you can trust.

Make sure that the company belongs to a professional organization
There are a few things you can look out for when looking for a reliable air conditioning contractor. Firstly, make sure that the company belongs to a professional organization or body. Any professional air conditioning contractor will make sure that they always keep themselves updated on the latest happening in the industry. Moreover, professional organizations will ensure that their members follow strict guidelines and rules when it comes to air conditioner installation and repair.

Call some of your friends or business associates and ask for some referrals
Another way to find a reliable contractor is to call some of your friends or business associates and ask for some referrals. Then visit their websites and see what they offer. If possible, call their clients and listen to what they say. By listening to what their clients say about their service, you can get a more honest opinion about the contractor.

Ask questions from a service provider before you hire him for a job.
Make sure to ask this question from a service provider before you hire him for a job, as it could waste both your time and money. As a general rule, the more time a technician has spent working with different AC units, the more knowledge or information he will possess for repair and troubleshooting tasks.

Ask for comprehensive quotes for different air conditioning maintenance tasks.
Once you have shortlisted a few companies, ask them to provide you with quotations. Compare the prices that each of them offers and see who is overcharging you. If it is your first time installing or repairing air conditioning unit, ask your friends about the standard industry charges. One thing to note on the quotation is that it should list down clearly every item the company is charging you. If you are unsure about anything, do not be afraid to ask for clarification.

Before signing a contract with the service provider, ask for comprehensive quotes for different air conditioning maintenance tasks. Get quotes and written estimates from various companies to get yourself familiarized with latest industry rates and to see who might be trying to take advantage of you. Demand these quotes in writing, so you can refer to them when you need it.

Do some online research.

There are many people using this equipment and they have repaired at least once and you could use them by asking for their recommendations especially if they are people you can trust. The information they give about them could be relied when making your decision. The online search could also be very useful in getting the most appropriate repairer.

Look at Reputation
Reputation is something that you must consider if you want to choose a perfect company for your air conditioning needs. Be careful of the reviews provided by the contractor itself, as these are often exaggerations. The ideal way of getting information about reputation of the company is to acquire unbiased reviews from current customers. In addition to that, you must also demand recommendations from people around you.

Last but not the least; make sure to evaluate the level of customer services. This includes a variety of aspects, ranging from the person answering to your questions to the behavior and attitude of the technician that comes to your house. Whole staff should demonstrate professionalism and should treat you with courtesy and respect. You need to get satisfactory answers to all of your questions.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Bad Practices That Cause Your Air Con's Life to Shorten

Your air conditioner is mostly designed to give you service for slightly over a decade. But that's only if you take good care of it. Most of the time, the things we do or do not do determine how long our air conditioning units stay before they need to be replaced. And the good thing is, the mistakes we make in caring for the air conditioners are easily avoidable. So, what are the practices that damage your air con and shorten its lifespan?

1. Overworking your air con 
Do you run your air con all day long? In the whole house, even in rooms that are not occupied and do not nerd their temperatures regulated? When your air con system operates for too long non-stop, it puts a strain on the moving parts. The motor keeps deteriorating over time and is at risk of burning out.

Only switch the air conditioning unit when it's necessary, and only in rooms that need their temperatures controlled. When other ways to condition the room's temperature are available, use them instead. They could be ceiling fans to cool your room, or removing blinds on windows to let in cool air. Switch off the AC unit when going out; it will not only help to extend its lifespan but will lower your power bill too.
2. Not regularly cleaning your air con 
Particles of dust and other debris like leaves build up in the inner parts of your AC unit over time; it's inevitable. Dirt makes the AC to overwork, especially if it accumulates in the air filter because more power will be required to force the stream of air through the dirt blockage. You will find the air con starting to run for longer to maintain the same temperature it used to take a short time to. The extra strain makes your air conditioner to deteriorate rapidly, and very soon, you may find yourself needing to repair or replace it. 
Cleaning your air on often is highly advisable. Not only the filter, but other parts as well. Ducts get clogged with dirt, too, and need regular clean ups. If you're unable to do it yourself, higher a professional; it's way cheaper than having to replace a damaged unit after only a few years of service.

3. Badly situating your air con 
The position of your air conditioner matters a lot in determining how long it stays in good condition. If your air on happens to be situated in the open where its directly in the Sun, that could cause its lifespan to shorten. Same as if its positioned where debris and dust have direct access to its inside, such as outside near trees. If your AC unit is also somewhere where the free flow of air is blocked, like next to furniture, that could compromise the number of years it will serve you. 
Ensure your air-conditioning unit is installed in a spacious place, properly shaded from direct sunshine. Ensure too, that it's a place free from too much dirt. Places to avoid could be on top of roofs and under trees. If unsure of where to situate it during installation, ask the installing technician for advice; they would likely know the do and don'ts when positioning the AC system.
4. Not servicing your air on
The state of a neglected air conditioner keeps deteriorating until it reaches a state of ruin. At this time, it becomes irreparable. The only solution then is to replace the unit, which can be costly. That's why regular servicing by a professional is necessary. Experts recommend carrying out inspections once every two months throughout the year. 
It doesn't matter if your AC unit is having problems or not; servicing helps to identify and correct problems before they become noticeable and damaging. During servicing, the technician will help clean the unit and identify parts that need replacement. Regularly serving the unit helps to maintain its efficiency. 
5. Not having a thermostat that can be programmed 
A programmable thermostat on your air con shuts it down when you're not around to do it. It helps when you go out and unknowingly leave the unit running. The thermostat helps to prevent your air con from overworking itself and straining its motor, something that would affect its lifespan. 
The programmable thermostat also helps you to set a temperature at which your air con should stop working. With it, the AC will only run when necessary, so it gets time to rest the moving parts in between the on and offs. The result is increased life for the whole unit.
Why Should You Service Your Air Conditioner Often? 

The benefits of air con servicing are many and include the following:

• It helps to keep the efficiency of the unit
during servicing, the parts ate taken apart and dust, as well as other debris, removed. Once the dirt is cleaned off, the AC unit starts working optimally and takes a short time change the temperature of your room to a comfortable level. 

• It saves you costly repairs
Worn out parts are detected early and replaced. It saves you the cost you would otherwise go to hire the services of repair company to repair a unit that has broken down completely. 

• Operational costs are lowered
Because your air conditioning unit runs more efficiently, it draws less power than it would otherwise do if left unserviced. Your monthly power bill for running the AC then reduces. In the long run, regular serving will have helped save your cash. 

• Your air con serves you for long
Servicing helps to keep your AC unit in great condition, efficient, and with few breakdowns. Its life extends to reach the years it was initially intended to last by the manufacturing company.
The lifespan of your air con largely depends on you; neglect it and have to replace it soon, or take good care of it and have it serve you for long, and in excellent condition. Avoid acts that damage the unit. Have it serviced every two months, and use it only when necessary, complimenting it with other ways to cool or heat your house. And if installing a new one, find a nice place free from the elements of weather and dirt. 

Thursday, 26 October 2017

The Secrets in Aircon Servicing

If you live in a zone where high temperatures are a nearby issue individuals confront each day, at that point, you realize what it resembles to feel the weight of state of mind. You wake up supposing it could very well be a little cooler today just to find the mercury rising more remote than it did yesterday. It can put a damper on your musings. Air con can change the more significant part of that and set your state of mind free from each being hampered by high temperatures once more. You will comprehend being everything within you need to be always.

-When you, at last, find that it is conceivable to have the ideal cooling within your home or office, you will never again be pestered by the warmth outwardly. Individuals who have brought air con into their lives realize that aggregate solace is the new reality for consistently. There are a style and outline perfectly for you that will add to the presence of your home or office. With the comfort of remote controls, you can have the unit introduced in the roof, on the divider, or in the window. Whatever your decision, you can influence it to work for you.

-Air con organizations composed molding units in light of you. The straightforwardness with which these units can be put in your home or office makes it feasible for pretty much anybody to possess and utilize them. Regardless of whether you require just a single gathering for a restricted space or a few to ensure your home is cooled to your specifications, you will be content with your decision. You will be fulfilled realizing that each room in your home or office is kept at the correct temperature level that is agreeable to you. As you go from space to put, the air will feel the same.

-An expert ventilating organization can furnish you with the majority of the data you have to make your choice. After the deal, the administration office is prepared to help you if there ought to ever be an inquiry regarding the hardware. What you need to anticipate is numerous times of value cooling that will keep you and your family or your business at the temperature that you have picked. Not any more endeavoring to get enough air traveling through the rooms to feel only a smidgen of cooling.

Dealing with The Air Con In Your Home

-The solaces of being a homeowner accompany the duties of homeownership also. The cool air and pleasantly brought down stickiness that the air con in your home can give you in those sweltering and moist summer months accompanies the obligation to ensure that your framework is running efficiently and gets the best possible care and consideration that it needs to keep up an agreeable climate in your home when you require it most. A few stages are a piece of a customary upkeep check for your home's aerating and cooling framework, and it is fundamental to the life of your gear and additionally the security of your home's tenants to make sure that your frame is checked and adjusted before each period of utilization.

-The primary thing that the administration individual will need to do when they land at your home is to investigate the outside unit for your air con framework. There is regularly a lot of flotsam and jetsam from leaves and seedpods from trees that can obstruct the air admission to the outside compressor unit and the administration individual who sees that the air admissions are blocked will need to get the trash out of the compressor's path, to influence the air to stream all the more productively and without the impediments. A garden hose will frequently be utilized to get and wash out the leaves and assembled material.

-Inside the house, the air channel will be checked and the clear hose out of the air con curl should be assessed to make sure that the buildup water can stream uninhibitedly and not be blocked. Blockage in this hose could cause moving down of the water which could prompt harm of dividers and furthermore timely issues with form.

-There is no motivation to continue with a home or office that isn't cooled. There are such a significant number of monetary units accessible that will exclusively address the issues you have; it is anything but difficult to settle on a decent decision. Proficient air con organizations accompany the guaranteed quality and operation that will give you years of the administration. If there ever is an issue with one of the units, it will be kept up by the administration office so there will never be lost cooling for you.

-You should decide the sort of unit you want, as there are a few different outlines to address your issues. Many individuals utilize one of the window units. These are finished and simple to use. A window unit slides expertly into space with next to no change by the window range. You can merely take after the bearings for the unit, and in a matter of moments, you will appreciate the cool air hurrying into the room. The condenser is peaceful, and the water will be ousted from the back of the unit outwardly of the home or building.

-Another in vogue decision is the divider mounted unit. Once more, this unit is entirely independent and is efficiently joined to your preferred mass. Simple to control, this gathering will likewise give significant cooling to your home or office and will provide numerous times of fulfillment. An engaging element of this unit is that it is entirely off the beaten path and won't create any loss of room in the room. This effective plan makes it conceivable to add the unit to the room without rolling out some other improvements. You will be content with your decision in air looking frameworks.

-The administration called will likewise be shot for the specialist for your air con framework to add coolant to your frame if it appears that the ventilating is attempting to keep the temperature sufficiently low when the warmth and moistness are extraordinary outside.

-Holes can likewise be identified by the expansion of some particular colorants that follow softens up the funnels of the unit.

Keep your cooling framework perfect and went to and your home can be a safe house from the warmth throughout the entire summer.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Office Aircon Servicing In Singapore and their Benefits

If you want to get best ever service for your air conditioning units, you should get in touch with the most qualified aircon servicing company of Singapore that has a long list of satisfied clients. The right office aircon service will always offer a range of services, such as quality repairs, servicing, installation, chemical wash, and hassle free maintenance for users in Singapore. 

A highly professional office aircon company has fully trained and insured professionals that will strive to be your most favorite company by offering you quality island-wide services. Most importantly, regardless of whether you’re running a business, are a homeowners or any industrial client, they can easily meet all your air conditioner needs. Significance of timely office aircon servicing Air conditioners are widely used appliances in Singapore. This is mainly because local weather is quite stuffy and hot. They have the power to easily cool your home or office within minutes. 

However, when they are used for a long time, they need servicing or repair, as the unit may face several issues in the long run. Some of the most common problems that aircons may encounter are insufficient cooling, leaking water issues or maybe warm air. If these issues are not resolved in time, they may even lead to bigger problems that may cost you thousands of dollars. For this reason, it is necessary to ensure regular maintenance to take care of your cooling units in hot and humid country like Singapore. 

Let’s have a close look at some services offered by a professional office aircon service: 

* Servicing –Timely service by experts helps in ensuring that all vital air conditioning parts in the unit run at their maximum efficiency and offer best ever service. There are also many additional benefits such as cleaner air, better system efficiency, less breakdowns, etc. If you feel your machine is not getting the attention it should, it’s time to get in touch with professionals who can carry out regular servicing of all your air conditioning units. 

* Chemical Wash- Chemical cleaning of office aircon units is a complex profess and is used when normal washing fails to boost the unit efficiency. In that case, you may need good quality chemical wash for removing all stuck debris and dirt in the air conditioning system. It can also fix all aircon leaking problems. 

* Maintenance Contract- Proper aircon maintenance involves right servicing and cleaning of the unit at regular intervals. With regular maintenance, it is easy for you to keep your precious unit in top working condition. Regular office aircon maintenance can boost efficiency, reduce breakdowns, and help you save on costly repairs in future. 

* Repair- If you’re facing variety of problems with your office aircon, only professional repairs can guarantee you hassle free operations for a long time. Experienced technicians can easily diagnose the issues in the air conditioning unit and may offer right solution and repair work. Technicians can use sophisticated testing machines to carry out checks on units and eliminate all issues in an efficient way. 

* Installation – Experienced office air con installers have necessary expertise in installing almost all brands and types of units that you may need in your premises in Singapore. Some of the most popular brands they usually handle are Mitsubishi, Sanyo, Panasonic, Toshiba, Carrier, Samsung, LG, York, Daikin, McQuay, Fujitsu, and many more. They also specialize in various air conditioners such as wall mounted, split systems, ceiling suspended, ceiling cassette, casement aircon, room aircon and many more. 

* Gas Top Up- Highly experienced and trained technicians use best refrigerant gas for different aircon brands available in Singapore. It is necessary to carry out regular checks on aircon units refrigerants to ensure their smooth operation and to detect all possible issues. If you feel your units need timely gas top up, don’t delay the matter and get in touch with a professional office aircon service. 


* Much Better Efficiency – Mostly, air conditioning units run for days and work hard to cool the premises, so their cooling efficiency may reduce over time if no proper maintenance is carried out on a regular basis. For this reason, regular maintenance is necessary to maintain the cooling efficiency of aircon units. It’s affordable and also reduces your energy bills. 

* Increased Life Span – Aircon units can be a valuable asset for offices, so with a longer lifespan of any cooling unit, it is in a better position to deliver higher value. Therefore, it is necessary to take due care and maintain your unit in a proper way. This will ensure better value for your investment. 

* Reduced Breakdowns –When proper maintenance and servicing is carried out, there are less chances of sudden system breakdown. Many issues are repairable and can easily restore the unit’s functionality, but some can be beyond repair. Sometimes repairs can be too expensive and may not be worth any investment. 

For this reason, it is in necessary to get in touch with a right office aircon company to get the job done in the right way. You should consider aircon company that offers you island-wide services. This is highly convenient as you can just phone the company and it will send it technicians anywhere in Singapore. Otherwise it can be bit frustrating when you’re interested in office aircon services but cannot find the best company offering such services in your area. Always go for air conditioning contractor that offers you wide range of services. 

Regardless of whether you want to install a completely new machine or want to maintain your existing unit, a good service with years of hands on experience under its belt will definitely provide that. You also need to check the staff of your chosen aircon service. It should be professionally trained and certified. It can be really shocking to hire any inexperienced office aircon company for your cooling units. Other than wasting lot of your time, your machine is also in a danger in hands of an inexperienced hands. 

We're sure you must have fully understood the significance of choosing an experienced office aircon company that has specialization in wide range of brands, systems, services and offers you island-wide services, and employs highly trained staff that is experienced and trained. Therefore, don’t wait any longer and allow aircon experts to service your machine and also diagnose all issues in it. You should avoid handling the air conditioners yourself as it may lead to extensive damage. 

Monday, 6 February 2017

How To Choose A Genuine Aircon Services Provider In Singapore

There are several things that must be considered before choosing aircon servicing firm in Singapore for one to get a genuine firm. There are several firms but most of them offer vague products and services. It is the role of the customer to take his/her time to look for all means he/she can apply so as to get genuine services. In most cases, those who complain of not getting the kind of services they wanted are those who rush to vague aircon firms. There are some standard procedures that should be followed so as to get genuine services.

With the current changes in technology, there are many products that are counterfeit and you can easily be conned. Most of the dealers use the technology to produce vague aircon products and sell them at higher price to the customers. Those who are not able to differentiate the vague and genuine products may end up landing on vague products. Therefore, it is paramount to come up with some ways you can use to tell vague and genuine products so as to choose the best for you. Below are some of the ways you can use to choose genuine aircon services in Singapore:

1.Ask Those Who Have Used Aircon Services In Singapore
These are the friends, family members or even workmates who are using or have used such services in Singapore. They know more about firms providing such services and may guide you on how to choose a genuine one. You can simply request them to give you some of the tips they have been using so as to avoid the vague aircon products ad services . You can analyze some of the techniques and apply the ones you think are the best for you.

Moreover, you can request them to introduce you to some of the best firms they know in Singapore and be assured of getting the best. The exposure and know-how of such people is enough to allow you choose a reputable firm.

2.Read What Customers Review About The Genuine Nature Of The Products And Services They Offer
Another great way to get the overview of the products and services offered by an aircon firm is to read what other customers comment on their websites and the pages in the social media. Just take your time and read all the comments in different websites. This gives you a chance to get a broad overview of the kind of services you are likely to get. After exhausting all the sites, choose that firm where the customers are posting positive reviews regarding the genuine nature of the services they experienced.

This guarantees quality services since for the customers to post positive comments, they must have been satisfied with their products and services. Try as much as possible to avoid those with negative reviews and a lot of complaints. This means that most of the customers who uses their products and services are not satisfied and you are also likely to fall a victim.

3.Consider Licensed Firms Only
these are those firms with a genuine practicing license and are known to offer genuine services. For them to get the license, their products ad services must have met the minimum required standards. This means that they have been examined properly by a genuine licensing body and given a license to offer such services. Those without a license are the ones to determine the quality of services they offer and the prices. You will realize that most of the firms are after making profits without considering the needs of customers. In that case, they offer vague services at higher cost. Choose a licensed firm where their services are controlled by the licensing body. That way, you will e assured of genuine services.

4.Consider The Services Of Those Firms That Have Been In The Field For A Longer Period
For a firm to be offering their services for a longer period in Singapore, it means that their customers are always satisfied. If that was not the case, they would have looked for a better firm. Those with experience have been there and they know everything about such services. They ave been exposed to various technical issues and they can find instant solutions within the shortest time possible.

These are the firms that have resources and this implies that they will never compromise on the quality of services they offer. If you choose newbies, they are still establishing the market niche and looking for relevant resources to survive. In the process, they are likely to offer vague products at higher cost so as to get more profits. Therefore, to get genuine aircon services in Singapore, consider those firms with experience.

5.Check The Professional Nature Of The Services They Offer
The professional nature of services offered also reveals the genuine nature of the services you will get. Those firms that have well trained professionals who have specialized in various aircon fields offers the best services that are genuine. Those offering unprofessional services are likely to offer vague products and services. This is because some of their staffs are not trained on the kind of services they offer. Sometimes they just guess and in the process, you can encounter vague services.

6.Check For Any Quality Certifications They Have Related To Aircon Services
There are some important certifications that are offered to those firms that meets or exceeds the required standards. Any genuine and reputable firm should at least have one or two certifications that are recognized. Those with such certifications offers genuine services but if a firm has been in the field for a longer period with no certification, the services they offer may be vague.

Those are the main ways you can employ so as to tell if a firm is genuine or not. If you implement them when looking for a firm to offer aircon services, be assured of getting the best services at the best prices. This way, you will not be complaining of not getting genuine services in Singapore as you do your research first.