Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Bad Practices That Cause Your Air Con's Life to Shorten

Your air conditioner is mostly designed to give you service for slightly over a decade. But that's only if you take good care of it. Most of the time, the things we do or do not do determine how long our air conditioning units stay before they need to be replaced. And the good thing is, the mistakes we make in caring for the air conditioners are easily avoidable. So, what are the practices that damage your air con and shorten its lifespan?

1. Overworking your air con 
Do you run your air con all day long? In the whole house, even in rooms that are not occupied and do not nerd their temperatures regulated? When your air con system operates for too long non-stop, it puts a strain on the moving parts. The motor keeps deteriorating over time and is at risk of burning out.

Only switch the air conditioning unit when it's necessary, and only in rooms that need their temperatures controlled. When other ways to condition the room's temperature are available, use them instead. They could be ceiling fans to cool your room, or removing blinds on windows to let in cool air. Switch off the AC unit when going out; it will not only help to extend its lifespan but will lower your power bill too.
2. Not regularly cleaning your air con 
Particles of dust and other debris like leaves build up in the inner parts of your AC unit over time; it's inevitable. Dirt makes the AC to overwork, especially if it accumulates in the air filter because more power will be required to force the stream of air through the dirt blockage. You will find the air con starting to run for longer to maintain the same temperature it used to take a short time to. The extra strain makes your air conditioner to deteriorate rapidly, and very soon, you may find yourself needing to repair or replace it. 
Cleaning your air on often is highly advisable. Not only the filter, but other parts as well. Ducts get clogged with dirt, too, and need regular clean ups. If you're unable to do it yourself, higher a professional; it's way cheaper than having to replace a damaged unit after only a few years of service.

3. Badly situating your air con 
The position of your air conditioner matters a lot in determining how long it stays in good condition. If your air on happens to be situated in the open where its directly in the Sun, that could cause its lifespan to shorten. Same as if its positioned where debris and dust have direct access to its inside, such as outside near trees. If your AC unit is also somewhere where the free flow of air is blocked, like next to furniture, that could compromise the number of years it will serve you. 
Ensure your air-conditioning unit is installed in a spacious place, properly shaded from direct sunshine. Ensure too, that it's a place free from too much dirt. Places to avoid could be on top of roofs and under trees. If unsure of where to situate it during installation, ask the installing technician for advice; they would likely know the do and don'ts when positioning the AC system.
4. Not servicing your air on
The state of a neglected air conditioner keeps deteriorating until it reaches a state of ruin. At this time, it becomes irreparable. The only solution then is to replace the unit, which can be costly. That's why regular servicing by a professional is necessary. Experts recommend carrying out inspections once every two months throughout the year. 
It doesn't matter if your AC unit is having problems or not; servicing helps to identify and correct problems before they become noticeable and damaging. During servicing, the technician will help clean the unit and identify parts that need replacement. Regularly serving the unit helps to maintain its efficiency. 
5. Not having a thermostat that can be programmed 
A programmable thermostat on your air con shuts it down when you're not around to do it. It helps when you go out and unknowingly leave the unit running. The thermostat helps to prevent your air con from overworking itself and straining its motor, something that would affect its lifespan. 
The programmable thermostat also helps you to set a temperature at which your air con should stop working. With it, the AC will only run when necessary, so it gets time to rest the moving parts in between the on and offs. The result is increased life for the whole unit.
Why Should You Service Your Air Conditioner Often? 

The benefits of air con servicing are many and include the following:

• It helps to keep the efficiency of the unit
during servicing, the parts ate taken apart and dust, as well as other debris, removed. Once the dirt is cleaned off, the AC unit starts working optimally and takes a short time change the temperature of your room to a comfortable level. 

• It saves you costly repairs
Worn out parts are detected early and replaced. It saves you the cost you would otherwise go to hire the services of repair company to repair a unit that has broken down completely. 

• Operational costs are lowered
Because your air conditioning unit runs more efficiently, it draws less power than it would otherwise do if left unserviced. Your monthly power bill for running the AC then reduces. In the long run, regular serving will have helped save your cash. 

• Your air con serves you for long
Servicing helps to keep your AC unit in great condition, efficient, and with few breakdowns. Its life extends to reach the years it was initially intended to last by the manufacturing company.
The lifespan of your air con largely depends on you; neglect it and have to replace it soon, or take good care of it and have it serve you for long, and in excellent condition. Avoid acts that damage the unit. Have it serviced every two months, and use it only when necessary, complimenting it with other ways to cool or heat your house. And if installing a new one, find a nice place free from the elements of weather and dirt.