Monday, 30 July 2018

Information on When Was Aircon Invented?

Some decades ago, an aircon was regarded as a luxury due to the few numbers of people who owned it. Right now, it is a necessity, allowing people to cool hospitals, laboratories hospitals, and offices. Aircon has helped keep the temperature at the required level. However, just like any other vital appliance, it was invented. Then it was subjected to some crucial series of advancements to make a notable breakthrough.

Efforts to regulate indoor temperatures was first initiated in ancient Rome. There, wealthy individuals made the most out of an impressive culvert to supply water in their homes. This was in a view to fight the adverse hot weather conditions by keeping their homes cool. Emperor Elagabalus built a mountain snow to keep cool every summer. This approach inspired various technologies aimed at fighting hot weather conditions. Some people even had to engage in ridiculous activities in order to keep cool. For instance, some youths went to an extend to eat snow just to keep cool.

Up to the 20th Century, most people had to endure the harsh hot weather. This was due to the lack of a reliable device to combat this rise in temperature. The only thing they could do is sweat and try to fan themselves. But somewhere along the line came some primitive air conditioners. However, they were costly and very inefficient and only owned by the then wealthy people.

In the early 1900s, a spark of hope appeared in what seemed to be a long dark tunnel of despair. The ever first electric fans established their presence in various homes. These electric fans first appeared in America. It took them several decades to spread past the American borders.

Aircon in Singapore

As the rest of the world tried to fight hot weather conditions, Singapore was also making baby steps in this regard. Just like other countries, its citizens were enduring the harsh hot weather conditions.

However, credit should be given to the founding father of Singapore, the Late Lee Kuan Yew. He is remembered for transforming Singapore into the world’s richest country. This happened when he rose to the threshold of power from 1959 to 1990. He systematically transformed Singapore from a mere island with limited natural resources to become one of the current wealthiest nations.

When asked about the contributors to the success of Singapore, he confidently acknowledged the role played by Aircon. Since without an aircon Singaporeans were only restricted to working in the early morning hours or at night. This means, there was less output thus a slow growth of the economy.

After becoming the Prime Minister, Lee made it his own initiative to install air conditioners in every civil service building. This turned out to be an important stimulator of public efficiency. Civil servants could now work throughout the day, in a bid to develop the country’s economy. In fact, civil servants took the introduction of air conditioners positively. In that, they increased their hard work to significant levels.

Singapore reported an increase in their per capita GDP from 1960-2011.No doubt, this approach really paid off greatly. Currently, Singapore is a first world country. It boasts of a great economy with efficient infrastructure systems. Quite often it has been granted a chance to hold various international events, for instance, sporting activities like Grand Prix.

Other Contributions of aircon to Singapore

Much credit should be given to the bright minds that invented air-conditioning systems. Since its invention, people have been able to regulate weather conditions resulting in positive results. Some of the people who can attest to the benefits of an aircon are those in Singapore. Ever since it was introduced by their founding father the Late Lee Kuan Yew, Singaporeans have been able to;

• Enjoy revolutionary architecture

Singapore is home to some amazing architectural designs, thanks to aircon. This country has some of the tallest skyscrapers which were not a possible option prior to the coming of air conditioners. No longer do Singaporeans need thick walls, high ceilings, balconies, windows and courtyards placed away from the scorching sun.

• Longer working hours
Before the inception of air conditioning systems, Singapore had some sort of restricted working schedules. Employees were expected to work either early in the morning hours or at night. Right now, they can work throughout the day. In return, this led to the growth of Singapore’s economy.

• More Productive Organizations
Whenever, you walk into a Singapore’s organization offices you will not fail to find an efficient aircon system. It has lowered the hazardous heat waves thus providing a conducive working environment. With this provision, employees are able to work smart and for long hours. This has increased the productivity of Singapore’s organizations.

• Developed tourism sector
Singapore has continued to hit considerable record highs of tourist arrivals. It has surpassed some of its worthy competitors like China and South Korea. This has not only been contributed by the nice attractive sights but also air-conditioning systems. In the yesteryears, specifically, before the 60’s Singapore was a place full of hot weather conditions. Though it is still hot, the aircon has enabled the regulation of temperature in various areas of concern. For instance, tourist hotels, restaurants, organizational buildings and so on. Currently, a tourist will not have difficulty spending some time in his or her hotel during the day.

• The growth of air-conditioning firms

The introduction of aircon in Singapore has created job opportunities. At the moment, Singapore is home to several air conditioner vendors and aircon maintenance specialist. For instance, Aircon Servicing Contractor, CT Air Con, Lemomocol Air con just to list a few. Their ambition is to ensure that the aircon systems work efficiently throughout the day. This has generated income and improved their standards of living.


It is evident an aircon is a crucial necessity. It helps in controlling heat conditions in houses and other buildings. Therefore, enabling people to work without any problem. However, the aircon did not miraculously come into place. They had to be invented and passed through more enhancement for them to work efficiently. Since the invention of air conditioners, they have gone a long way to make the life of human beings better. People who have greatly benefitted from aircon are those living in hot areas for instance Singapore.